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Shards Spoilers – Bant Charm September 19, 2008

Posted by Norm in Shards of Alara, Spoilers.
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After a week of interesting creatures we finally get a really juicy card from Wizards. At first I though ok that is good but as I type this I can’t seem to type fast enough about ideas that are bubbling up.

Bant Charm really owns for a few reasons. It’s first ability is going to be extremely relevant with all the new artifact creatures floating around. That is a no brainer. What really has me tickled is the second ability. Putting three creatures on the bottom of a library is the new chick in removal. This beats any number of persist creatures, it beats Chameleon Colossus, it beats multiple Demigods, it beats three annoying creatures coming at your face. Very powerful ability. The third brings counter spell to green and I’m glad to see a little control in this color. While it isn’t specifically green the only counter spell in my memory from green is Avoid Fate. Never the less rounding out this card’s set of really relevant abilities. 

OK for some reason this morning (must have been lack of coffee) I thought that the second choice gave you the ability to put three instead of target creature on the bottom of it’s owner’s library. Don’t ask me why I thought this or misread this, thanks to reader Gilla for pointing this out. Still a solid card. 

I’m glad to see that this card does cost three different colors of mana. Otherwise it would be a little too crazy. However with all the available mana fixers out there I don’t expect there to be a problem playing the new multicolored spells. I think Shards is going to make Reflecting Pool and Vivid Lands a little more important. 

I was wondering if there are going to be a series of charms like this for each shard. So a quick search in the Orb of Insight turned in negative results. So if anyone else knows more that me let me know.



1. Gilla - September 19, 2008

3? it says “put target creature”, maybe you are just so excited that you think you have 3 already in your hand and GGWWUU in your mana pool. :-P, I wish they would show more grixis – UBR cards, hopefully the charm for it will be something along the lines of destroy target creature, destroy target land, return nonland permanent to owners hand. maybe too broken, but I can always hope 🙂

2. Duncan - September 20, 2008

Actually, there is a cycle of Charms with one for each shard. The Orb sometimes says zero for everything no matter what.

3. cadenadebronce3 - September 20, 2008

Difficult to cast I guess, as well as other 3 color spells… And it seems Alara’s lands don’t make it easy to get the 3 colors as quickly as I thought that lands should be…

Only Esper is impressing me, but other shards don’t pay my attention so much…

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