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Planeswalker Promos September 24, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Can anyone tell me about these packs? They have been sitting in a shop near my office for a few weeks and I don’t know anything about them. Do they have Planeswalkers in them? Are they worth buying? I think the price is around $6.



1. Duncan - September 24, 2008

They’re full of commons and uncommons(2 in each pack IIRC) from 10th, Lor, Mor, and Sha. The art is kinda cool but not worth $6. There are no rares let alone planeswalkers, You’d be better off cracking packs of Lorwyn.

2. rob - September 24, 2008

They handed these out at ComicCon for free. It’s a playable deck – the one I have (top left in your image) is about 30 cards + lands, all 10’th edition black.

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