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Shards of Alara Watermarks Speculation September 24, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Shards of Alara.
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At the end of Doug Beyer’s article today he talks about why Wizards didn’t print watermarks on some the cards representing each shard in Alara. I agree that it would have been difficult for each watermerk to make sense in the same relevant way the Ravnica guilds did. I still think they could have made it work if they wanted to or didn’t have a reason to hold off. At the very end of the article he mentions that he can’t talk specifically about why they didn’t print watermarks. He hints that there maybe something comeing down the road that is a better use of watermarks.

OK I’ll take the bait. My guess is that conflux will have some sort of order that will work at reparing the Shards of Alara. And at the end of the block we will see a whole world where all of Alara is as it was before or some sort of new plane in that sense.



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