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Scourglass September 25, 2008

Posted by Norm in Shards of Alara, Spoilers.
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We get our first official look at the new “Wrath of God” today. Scourglass is a little more specific in how it destroys leaving you the chance to clean the board except for your game winners. 

In the preview article Mike Flores suggests that Scourglass will single-handedly put a stop the Faeries. While it has the potential to seriously turnaround a fae matchup I think that it has the same potential against any deck. I think that with a new wrath effect in white we’ll just have to make sure we are packing some sort of counter spell. 

Scourglass is still two white mana to play so we needn’t fear it too much because we will only see it in white decks. With Shards of Alara’s crazy three mana requirements we may see situations where finding two white sources to be difficult. 

One thought I do have with Scourglass is that it does have a nice little home in Scarecrow decks. I’ll have to dust off that one when I get a few copes of this card. 

I do have a question, are shapeshifting creatures also Artifacts? If so Scourglass could have a bit more relevance. Does anyone have any thoughts about the use of this card in Extended?



1. Jeff Fulcher - September 25, 2008

I have a feeling Scourglass is absolute stains (except probably in Block where you always have to consider the Wrath derivative).

If it didn’t have the upkeep clause, it might have a chance to make an impact in Type 2, but right now Faeries will either counter it, or bounce it before your next upkeep.

And even those best case scenarios require a deck actually comes around that needs an artifact that blows up the world. Maybe the Ethersworn Canonist will help set up a controlling White deck. I would still rather drop Wild Nactals.

This won’t see play in Extended. 5 mana is way too much for that format, especially if you have to wait until turn 6 to pop it (just use Akroma’s Vengeance instead). Affinity is going to be the best artifact deck in Extended, to really make Scourglass unsymmetrical, you have to open yourself up to a lot of splash damage.

2. Gemini6Ice - September 25, 2008

Changeling gives a card/perm/spell all creature subtypes–it does not give the type “artifact” or “land” to the card/perm/spell.

Here’s a question: do any of the other shards have a mass-deconstruct WoG variant? That would be a nice counter-card.

3. John - September 26, 2008

Artifacts are pretty much counted as “super-type”, so it’s not a real type, if it was, coat of arms would be pretty serious in any artifact deck.

4. Gemini6Ice - September 26, 2008

Artifacts are a real type though.

There are three categories within a card’s type: supertype, type, and subtype.

Creature, artifact, and tribal are three examples of type. Basic, World, Legendary, and Snow are the only supertypes i can think of.

“Creature types” are a class of subtypes that only creatures and tribals can have. Coat of Arms looks at “creature types,” and artifact is a type not a creature subtype, so it does not see “artifact.”

5. cadenadebronce3 - September 26, 2008

I think it could be awesome in Alara’s block and a “must have” in any Esper deck without no doubt… however it kills Tezzeret, so it may change different tactics about adding this Planeswalker to a Esper deck or not…

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