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Shards of Alara Official Videos September 29, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Shards of Alara.
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Here is a collection of the Shards of Alara videos from Wizards. These are so watered down I almost feel silly reposting them for you. However they do offer good clarification on rules for the new mechanics. Especially for Devour as I was wondering about when you sacrifice your creatures if your opponent plays a counter spell.

In case you missed them here they are. There is one video for each Shard and each video focuses on one on the new abilities in this release (except Esper they get the new card type artifact)

Bant – Exalted
Personally I think Exalted will be the most powerful of the new mechanics. While attacking with one creature can also be a weakness with a little evasion it is going to really be a headache for a lot of people. 

Esper – Artifacts
The one thing that I think we all thought when artifacts were announced was affinity. But this feels very different from the creatures from Mirrodin block. There are a lot of cards that give artifact love in Shards but it is more in the tribal sense from Lorwyn. 

Grixis – Unearth
I predict that Unearth will be one of those abilities that people will recognize over time. Basically Unearth gives you a chance to recast all your creatures from your graveyard. Especially dangerous will be creatures with Unearth and Flying. 

Jund – Devour
Devour is fun but I don’t know how powerful a deck full of Devour creatures will do against something with Exalted. Perhaps something with Devour and Unearth could be fun but you might run out of mana and threats too soon. We’ll see.

Naya – 5 power matters
At first I didn’t like the 5 power matters theme. These creatures cost more and slow your game down. However after playing with a few creatures in this theme at the prerelease it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Also there are a lot of cool little tricks (as you see in the video) that can be done with a bunch of 5 power guys. 

On the whole I think that each of these mechanics will be great in casual play. I had a lot of fun playing my prerelease deck in a casual setting against other casual decks.



1. gillaux - September 30, 2008

Why is that guy so creepy. C’mon MTG.

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