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First Post October 4, 2008

Posted by ricsta in Casual.
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Hi, my name is Rich and I play magic both casually and competitively in Columbus Ohio. My friend Norm invited me to share my thoughts and experiences on his Casual Magic blog once or twice a week. I have played Magic since Onslaught Block, my friends introduced me to both MtG and Poker during my freshman year at The Ohio State University and I’ve enjoyed both immensely. I feel MtG is, with its blend of poker and chess, one of the most mentally challenging games on the market. I’m no professional Magic player and I’m no professional writer but I have lots of fun playing this game I hope you do too.

I enjoy the limited formats of Magic the most: drafting, sealed, pack wars and Cubing. I play constructed as well but only when there’s no drafting to be done. My favorite creature is Exalted Angel, my favorite fomat is Team Drafting and my favorite color is Counterspell.



1. Gemini6Ice - October 6, 2008

Your favorite color is what now? 😉

2. Gemini6Ice - October 6, 2008

P.S., welcome aboard!

3. ricsta - October 8, 2008

Gemini, I checked out your website and found the 1K card game interesting. How does the game end? Is there a point system?

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