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It’s A Bloggy Blog World October 4, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I’m really excited to write this post for two reasons.

1. This is officially my 200th post on Casual Magic! While that may not seem like a big deal, to me, it is for a few reasons. First and foremost I started this blog as an experiment for self and hobby. I don’t consider myself an expert on Magic: the Gathering, but I do have a passion for the game and I enjoy writing and sharing. So When I started this blog back in February I didn’t know if I would be able to sustain it or if people would even care to read it. Here is where I share a few stats with you. Over the past two months I’ve had over 20,000 hits per month on this blog. That is over 40,000 hits in August and September combined. Not bad for a little experiment. I have to thank you the reader for making this site such a success, watching the daily comments and traffic keeps me motivated and on the ball. I also need to give WordPress some props here because their network helps you find me and keeps Casual Magic in the red zone.

2. I’d like to let you all know that I’ve invited a second author to Casual Magic, Rich. I’m really excited to have a second author and I think Rich is going to be a great addition to the site. Currently he is living in Columbus, OH where there is a very healthy and competitive magic community. He plays in different formats
than myself (including EDH) so I think that you guys will benefit from his experience.

This weekend Rich is playing in the PTQ in Columbus. Where the format is Shards of Alara sealed deck. I’m sure he’ll be sharing his experience and thoughts after the competition and with a little luck bring home an invite.

So stay tuned for more Shards of Alara coverage and Casual Magic that you’ve come to enjoy!



1. Duncan - October 4, 2008

Grats Norm!

Also, I’m really looking forward to more EDH talk!

2. CopySix - October 4, 2008

Happy 200th Norm !
The very best to Rich . . . looking forward to reading as always.

3. gillaux - October 4, 2008

as a fellow Ohioan, I say Nice.

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