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One Rare and a Prayer: Primalcrux October 7, 2008

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One Rare and a Prayer: Primalcrux
You may have enjoyed my pervious post in this category on Noblis of War (decklist here). 

I built this mono green deck around Primalcrux at the same time and I was surprised at the result. See my deck list for the Primalcrux build here on Essential Magic.

At first I thought this deck would be too slow. I added the usual green mana helper as well as Wall of Roots. This deck turned out to be a super wall deck. Always being just that much bigger than the opponent’s creatures keeping the game at a stand still until the big guy could drop or a creature with an evasion ability could get in for damage. I really liked playing with Overbeing of Myth. I didn’t see it as often as I would have liked but it did help speed things up when I could get it on the board. 

This deck was also fun in a four player chaos match. It didn’t go the distance but it was a threat many times during the game. 




One Rare and a Prayer is meant to build around one rare card. I would choose the rare by opening a booster pack and using that rare. This deck is build around Primalcrux. I only use cards that I currently own (or arn’t being used in other decks) for these builds. It is a fun challenge to create decks around a card with a limited card pool.



1. Gemini6Ice - October 7, 2008


I tried to build a deck around Helix Pinnacle. It never comes up and I just wind up beating down with RGB aggro.

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