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PTQ Kyoto- Columbus October 8, 2008

Posted by ricsta in PTQ, Shards of Alara.
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All of last week I had visions of sushi, crash courses in Japanese and winning my local PTQ here in Columbus. I arrived downtown thirty-minutes early at the site and for a split second I thought it would have a small turn out of sixty or so players. That all changed within the next ten minutes as the room filled quickly with ringers from the Great Lakes area (all except for Norm) and the population of the conference room doubled. There were well over 120 persons, multiple players soon to be flying to Berlin to partake in a Pro Tour and more importantly a good judging staff thanks to PES on hand.

The sealed pool I got to play with was fairly easy to build, not because I had any big, swingy cards. Nope, it was the lack of playable white and green cards. To have a good sealed pool in Shards one needs their swingy cards to match the colors they are playing. I had two said cards, Scourglass & Battlegrace Angel -notice the double white mana requirements- yet I was unable to splash them because only one of my mana fixers could create white mana. Sitting down for round one I knew I would have to play close to the vest and hope my opponent would give away an edge.

As for my deck is was a BUr deck with two removal spells, Bone Splinters and Magma Spray, and four fliers. The one rare that did make my deck was Gather Specimens,  I drew it once and it didn’t do anything.

During the first round my 2/2 fliers, 3/3 fliers were outclassed by Wolly Thocter and foil Wolly Thocter. Round two my opponent had trouble keeping his creatures on board, but it didn’t matter when he played Titanic Ultimatum and sent 21 points of life-linking, first-striking, trampling-damage to my face. Ouch. Round three my opponent had a similar deck, but just had ways to draw cards and I did not. He was able to make 1-1 and 2-1 trades and still follow up by casting more creatures. Not the outcome I had envisioned, but I still had packs from the prerelease to draft with!

After round three, I was out of contention for top 8 and rather than duke it out for prizes I joined my fellow droppers out to lunch. We made it back to start a side draft and cheer on a few friends still trying to make top 8. Looks like I’ll have some day-dreaming to do until the next PTQ.



1. Gemini6Ice - October 10, 2008

Were there a lot of R playable cards? And how much of the pool were artifacts? I’m guessing not too much… I don’t think I could have passed up the opportunity to use a Scourglass though *whistles* But, then again, I’m a major esper fanboy.

2. ricsta - October 11, 2008

I have an affinity towards the Esper Shard as well. Unfortunately the only white gold-cards I had available (that I would consider playable) were Windwright Mage and Hindering Light. As for the artifacts, I ran two Steelclad Serpent and two Cloudheath Drake. Looking back, maybe I should have just stuck the Scourglass and some plains just to up the power level of my deck and roll the dice.

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