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FNM Shards Draft October 11, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Last night’s draft went a little late and I didn’t have the energy to write a post when I got home. Despite the fact that we only played three rounds split into two pods of 10. I went 2-1 (3rd overall) loosing to one of the better players in the area. My strategy was to draft around Naya pulling fast bear like creatures and beat in for the win. I ended up playing 14 creatures all of them costing two mana except for three: Woolly Thoctar, Thunder-Thrash Elder and Predator Dragon. My favorite creatus to get on the board were Rip-Clan Crasher and Wild Nactal. The reason this strategy works is because I was able to get 2 each of Sigil Blessing and Resounding Roar. These combat (or defensive) tricks kept my guys alive and packing the heat when it was time to pop a cap. I had four removal spells in Excommunicate, two Branching Bolt and one Naya Charm.

When I was drafting I decided to build my deck and then go for mana fixers in mid pack two and pack three. The only card I didn’t get was one of the tri-lands that come into play tapped. I decided not to pic an obelisk as I would rather be drawing creatues and I didn’t have a high curve anyway. I ended up drafting three of Naya Panorama and one Bant Panorama. I only played the three Naya lands and I think that was a good decision because I only got stuck on land once. I was also fortunate enough to pull two Druid of the Anima and so my mana was in good shape. 

The hero of this deck is Naya Charm. I know everyone is talking about it but I was able to win one very touch and go game by tapping all my opponents creatures and swinging in for the win. That play is devastating in limited because you don’t have to fear counter spells and there really isn’t an ability out there to untap creatures in Shards. One card that I am falling more out of favor with is Excommunicate. I really think this helps with tempo only and for three mana it seems to cost a lot for a creature your opponent gets right back. The few times I was able to play it last night I felt that it wasn’t that great for me. I suppose I would still take it if I need some sort of control but something like Oblivion Ring or another burn card would have been better for me last night. 

I really wish there was another round last night because I really felt I had a good deck and I wanted to play it more. Ah well, at the end of the night I rare drafted Kresh the Bloodbraided and Violent Ultimatum.



1. cadenadebronce3 - October 12, 2008

I’m building a deck around Kresh, I think is one of the best mythics of the block to make some shocking tricks. Alara’s charms also look awesome (Bant’s and Naya’s are great), however I miss better lands in this block to enjoy three color decks. May be Conflux is going to show something great about non-basic lands.

2. Dee - October 15, 2008

Nice draft. You got a bunch of great cards for the aggressive Naya draft deck.

I really like Naya too in limited play, both sealed and draft. While everyone is trying to get their mana and expensive spells going, you’re just aggressively beating down before they can stabilize.

By the way, what kind of deck did you lose to? Just curious because the only decks I lose to with Naya is other Naya decks lol.

3. Norm - October 15, 2008

I lost to a deck running red black white. They were successful with a the black flyer that gets bigger when creatures go to the graveyard. I mulled to five game one so that was a big strike against me from the get go.

4. Rob Wall - October 20, 2008

Has anyone thought of just playing two colors rather than a shard? Especially in Green, White which seem like two of the stronger colors in limited. There are so many fatties to play in green and there is some solid removal in white such as O ring and Resounding Silence. Then you could splash for a couple of cards in Bant or Naya.

5. Adam Folberg - January 28, 2010

i like naya, as i am a junior in high school right now, and bought 8 shards of alara packs last night, so i figured i would host a draft w/ 4 people at 2 packs each. it worked out pretty well, since the minimum deck size for my draft will be 30, and i picked a wild nacatl out of the first pack, so i figured i would try naya out because you drop it t.1, and if u get out the other lands, its a 2/2 turn 2, and a 3/3 turn 3, and you still get to play stuff from your hand. i thought that was pretty good. overall, i drafted 2 nacatls, godtoucher, sac godspeaker,b. cerodon, wooly thoc., and rakeclaw. i need some advice asap, and i want to know if i shld use valeron stewrd for mana, viscera dragger for cycle, and a sighted caste w/ 2 akrasan squire’s for exalted. is that a good idea for draft? i also got 2 jungle shrines, 1 panorama, naya and jund obel., souls might, might. emerg., 2 gift of the garg., naturalize, lush growth, where ancients tread, l. talons, exocomm., angelsong, and branching bolt. 30 card minimum, advice appreciated before 9:30 a.m. today, please help me, and sry about the long message!

Norm - January 28, 2010

Hi, Sorry I just got your comment now. I think if you stick with Naya and have a good curve of creatures you’ll be in good shape. Don’t be afraid to play your larger guys as these types of formats will tend to last longer and you’ll get to mana. Mana base in a 30 card deck is going to be really tight. So you might want to stick to as few creatures as possible.

Good luck.

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