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Upcoming Events October 11, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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October is going to be a busy month for me I’ve got many events coming up. Including two Cons and a PTQ. At the gaming Cons I’ll be helping my buddy run a both both times. His business is Buy More Cards an online MTG card shop. I’ll be doing some more work with him in the future so feel free to check out his site. He is working this weekend to add Lorwyn/Shadowmoor and Shards of Alara Blocks so check back when he has that online.

PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 – October 17 – 19
I know I mentioned PodCamp before 
but I want to mention it again as that event is the reason I’m blogging right now. What is PodCamp? In a nutshell it is a new media unconference dedicated to blogging, podcasting, new media and social networking. I’m co-organizing the event so if you are in the area and what to drop by I’d be happy to meet you. The event is totally free and I usually meet a ton of new people.

Steel City Con – October 24 – 26
Steel City Con is the first con I’m attending with Aaron from Buy More Cards. He tells me this is a really fun con because there is so much going on in the collectible world. Not only is there a lot of gaming and comic book type stuff. There are also the typical celebrities for you to meet. We’ll be there all three days so again drop by the booth if you are in the area. 

PTQ: Kyoto – November 1
I’m back on the PTQ trail again this month looking to snag an invite to Japan but this time I’m not alone. Rick is going to be staying with me that weekend and we are going to be testing fate together. It is definitely going to be interesting as this event is my first competitive sealed format outside of a prerelease/release event. Shards of Alara sealed deck is the format with a draft event at the top 8. I spoke with a few other people who went to the Columbus PTQ: Kyoto and they felt they didn’t open the right cards to win. So from what I gather you either open a ridiculous bunch of cards and stomp or you get unlucky.

GASP Con – November 1-2
Finally I’ll be at Gasp Con the first weekend in November, which is also the same day ask the PTQ. Apparently GASP is a really cool con that focuses on gamers of all sorts. From board games to trading card games to D&D. There is events for everyone. I think my local store owner, CCG’s will also be at this event so we’ll see what happens. 

All in all it is a jam packed month with lots to do. Hopefully I’ll run into some of you at one of these events.



1. Dee - October 15, 2008

Good luck at the PTQ. I’m going to one this weekend. Are you going to States too?

2. Norm - October 16, 2008

Dee, I’m not sure. Probably not since the event is in Philladelphia. Maybe if some other players I know are driving out that way. Although I could take the train…

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