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Boxing October 13, 2008

Posted by ricsta in Casual.
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When I first started playing Magic the Gathering, my friend Phil introduced me to Boxing. Now, I want to return the favor by introducing you to Boxing as well. Boxing helped me not only learn how to play Magic, it allowed me to play Magic inexpensively and it was a shit-ton of fun.  What’s Boxing you ask? Boxing is drafting or playing sealed from cards that are in a box.

How to get started: Acquire a playset of commons and two copies of uncommons of any set, I would suggest the first set from a block ie Shadowmoor. Now, find a box with an acceptable value of cleanliness/space and put commons on one side of the box, add the uncommons to the otherside and add a divider inbetween. Find at least one other person who plays Magic and have fun.

Phil and I mostly played sealed, but on occasion we had enough people to Four Man Draft. Whenever there was an expansion released, Phil would repeat the process and build a Box for the expansion. We would then make packs from that expansion as well.

When we built packs they consisted of ten commons and five uncommons, we felt the need to have two additional uncommons to equal the power level of the missing rare.

Of course there are varients Boxing, one could throw caution to the wind and combine the commons and uncommons to  increased volatility of the packs. One could add a singleton set of rares to the box and build the standard 1/3/11 packs. One could veer towards a singleton format and include multiple sets into one’s Box and so on.

Sound familar? Yeah, current R&D Member Tom LaPille spear-headed a movement called Cubing not too long ago which is just a glorified singleton version of Boxing which uses sleeves. Now all the cool kids are squares. I mean Cubing.

Whether you Box or Cube, each is an incrediable amount of fun. If you have Cubed but not Boxed, I suggest you try it out.



1. Gemini6Ice - October 13, 2008

I didn’t realize that cubing required one-ofs. I was about to ask what the difference was until we got to that point.

I have a random collection within a block, and I like to draft within that. I prefer Solomon Drafting, since that can offset any potential unfairness in “pack quality”–I also don’t want to go to the trouble of sorting by rarity.

2. ricsta - October 14, 2008

Solomon Drafting is an incredible way to become better at evaluating the quality of cards in limited. Two player limited is so much fun, now that you bring that up, I’ll have to find someone tomorrow and do some Solomon Drafting.

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