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More Shards of Alara Drafting October 21, 2008

Posted by Norm in Draft, Shards of Alara.
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Tonight I drafted Shards of Alara with the school’s Magic: the Gathering club.  Was excited to try my Naya strategy again and aggro all over everyone. Unfortunately there was a disparity of cards in this shard to pull from.

We had six in our draft group and I thought that I would be ok. I started by taking a Steward of Valeron first pick and proceeded to pull red, white and green cards the next few picks. I didn’t open any bombs but I wasn’t really worried as I felt that people will be taking the rares first few picks and leaving me the low casting creatures I want. I was doing ok when I was passes a sucky pack with a Rhox War Monk, I decided to take it because I could always get into blue somewhere else and I was pretty solid in white green. That is when over the next few pics I pulled a Tower Gargoyle and Bant Charm. Throughout the draft I ended up spreading my self out too thin in terms of mana base but I did have a lot of decent cards. I had Obelisk of Esper and Obelisk of Jund with a Savage Lands to give me access to all five colors. 

On the whole my deck had a really low curve with a few larger creatures. I thought I would be ok. But the deck never really played consistently and I would get really great starts and then stall until I could either get enough creatures for the win or fail. 

Oddly, this draft has made me want to make an Esper deck more and more. I’m thinking something controly with artifacts.



1. Duncan - October 22, 2008

The lesson I took away from your deck is that even if you can support a splash for a card with 2 off-color costs, it’s probably best to leave it in your SB. I think you deck would have been alot stronger if you had concentrated on 3 colors and not ran the Gargoyle. I saw more than a couple games where it was just a dead card for you.

2. Norm - October 22, 2008

I also think I should have added one island, but you are probably right.

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