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Opening Shards of Alara October 21, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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This past week Aaron from BuyMoreCards.net and I opened a case of Shards of Alara in preparation of the Steel City Con we will be attending later this week. Of course I took the oppertunity to make this video about what we opened. 

I bought one box off of him for personal use so we opened the remaining 5 boxes of booster packs. 

The one intersting fact is that statistically you should expect to open 4 mythic rares for each box. In the majority of these boxes we opened 5 mythic rares/per box and I believe I also got 5 in my box. So if you do decided to get a box for yourself there is a good chance you will open 5 mythic rares. 

Anyway enjoy the video, we had fun unpacking these cards.



1. Chad Wright - October 21, 2008

The video says it is no longer available. FYI.

2. Norm - October 21, 2008

Chad, Sorry I accidently had the video set to private. Fixed.

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