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Websites October 24, 2008

Posted by ricsta in Casual.
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I wanted to share the Magic related sites I have bookmarked with the intention of you posting the sites you visit regularly in return.

magic.tcgplayer.com they have articles written by competitive Magic players and blogs of casual players as well.

www.MTGfanatic.com trolling the sites that buy and sell magic cards, this is my personal favorite. Their buy list is unreal, but they have one condition, your cards must be mint/near mint. If you are looking to purchase cards, you will not have to worry about this place shipping you a “near mint” card with chocolate stains on the back or a crease in the corner.

www.mtgthesource.com/forums if you play or want to start playing Legacy this is your source for information regarding the Legacy community -deck ideas, tournaments, reports, Tier one decks, tier two decks, etc.

www.magic-league.com/decks this updates every time they hold a tournament online. It’s a good place to see what tech people are trying out in their decks. A common complaint in the forums on this site is that everyone who plays on magic-league is terrible and can’t tie their shoes. Troll at your own risk.

www.deckcheck.net this is my favorite. No frills, no flaming, no silly commentary. Just deck lists. This is where you find top eight deck lists. You might even search for yourself and find a tournament you top 8’d at.

I left off WotC’s homepage, Starcity’s and my local Tournament Organizer’s page. But, if you have any websites that I should add to my bookmarks, then post below.



1. Duncan - October 25, 2008

MTGSalvation.com’s forums usually have the most comprehensive spoilers and have decent competitive decklist resources.

2. EvilBernd - October 25, 2008

Hi, thanks for the link.

The DeckCheck once had comments, but they got spammed & trolled, so we removed them.

I recommend mtgpop.de which is like a lot of sites alltogether, so you don’t have to read everyone of them.


3. Norm - October 27, 2008

EB, CasualMagic is actually listed with mtgpop.de. Our posts show up in their blog aggregator. The site is a good collection of sites.

4. The Ferrett - October 28, 2008

It’s not like we don’t like links….

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