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States October 26, 2008

Posted by ricsta in Casual, Constructed.
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States is coming up and it looks like the best deck is Kithkin. No, wait. Now that everyone is playing Kithkin, if we play a few more wrath effects in 5-color control we should beat all the Kithkin players. 5-color control is the best deck in the format. Oops, looks like mono-red aggro beats both of those decks easily. Wait, now you are playing with Kitchen Finks and Condemn? Looks like B/R tokens is the best.

Yes, it’s that time of the year that people are putting on their meta-game hats on and trying to out smart everyone at their local state/champs tournament. I don’t have any super tech to share with you guys, but I want to say one thing. I’m bringing Realm Razer with me to States and whatever deck I register is going to have at least one copy of it main deck. I’m throwing it in 5-color, the Reflecting Pools can cast it. Or I’m flipping it with Windbrisk Heights in Kithkin or I am playing a reanimator deck to Mannequin it into play on turn four.

In both limited and constructed (for type two), my favorite ultimatum is the Violent one, not the Cruel one. Sure, Cruel Ultimatum can cement your advantage or pull you up from behind. But, Cruel doesn’t always hit all of its effects. I like Violent Ultimatum because it is so versatile, it can be a one side wrath of god, it can be a one sided armageddon -depriving your opponent of one of their colors, it can naturalize a bitterblossom, a warhammer and stone rain a mutavault. Cruel does a lot, Violent lets you choose what the “a lot” is. Play Cruel in your 5-color decks, just don’t overlook Violent Ultimatum.

Do you guys have anything you’re trying to build your state decks with?


1. Duncan - October 26, 2008

Jeremy has some s3cr3t t3ch with Realm Razer. I doubt he’d enjoy me posting it here though, so I’ll let him tell you in person.

If I were going, I’d run a Quick’n’Toast variant but alas, I have no way of getting across the state.

2. Norm - October 27, 2008

The Philly location kind of sucks for us in Western PA. I don’t plan on making the trip myself. Duncan you know of anyone else going?

3. Gemini6Ice - October 27, 2008

Is it unethical to conspire with other attendees to elect different meta-game paths to help the probability that one is victorious?

4. Duncan - October 27, 2008

@ Norm – Nope, the only person I know who would, would be Jeremy’s friend Jeremiah who goes to school in Philly.

@ Gemini – Not at all. That’s the whole point of the metagame. Take last year’s worlds for example: Rock was easily the best deck in a vacuum. It had favorable matchups against both control and aggro. It’s one weakness however was against combo which is why D-Storm was able to sweep the field. This year for states the best deck is Quick’n’Toast. Everyone knows that. The most advantageous thing to do would be to build a deck that consistently beats Toast and then proceed to convince everyone that Toast will sweep the field.

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