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Wizards of the Coast: Prerelease Survey October 29, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Incase you missed it, today, Wizards of the Coast is asking players for feedback on new Prerelease event experience. So if you attended the Shards of Alara Prerelease and would like to give feedback directly to Wizards take the survey. Click here for the article and to take the survey click here

Personally I didn’t like the way it went down and if you are like me I encourage you to click through as this is a rare opportunity where a company is asking for feedback from it’s customers. Thanks Wizards for asking for community feedback.



1. Duncan - October 29, 2008

I filled it out and in the comments area urged them to change it back to the old structure. To me, there’s almost no draw in going to a 40 person event. The old ones where 120+ showed up were much more fun. More people to play and trade with.

2. Gemini6Ice - October 30, 2008

I personally liked the smaller events because I had no way to GET TO the larger events that were very far away.

3. Norm - October 30, 2008

Gemini, That does suck. I’m sorry that there isn’t a main event in your area. It is too bad there isn’t an easy solution to this problem.

4. Duncan - October 30, 2008

The problem though Gemini is that with the SoA model, we’re essentially getting two release parties. Don’t get me wrong, playing with the new set the day it comes out with your normal playgroup is fun and all but you’re going to be doing it for the next three months. Having two release parties is just sort of lame.

The other big problem is that there’s nothing to replace the large pre-releases. There are no other large semi-casual limited events that Wizards runs. I’m primarily a casual and limited player. Where do I go if I want a big tournament? I could go to a sealed PTQ(which comes around once a year) but that isn’t casual. I could go to States but that’s not limited. I could go to the new pre-releases but they’re just the same thing I’m gonna be doing for the next 3 months at FNM and my casual playgroup with the same people. As it is, there is no draw for me to go to a pre-release and pay more than I will in a week when my friends and I play draft and sealed with the new set.

5. Dyre42 - November 1, 2008

“As it is, there is no draw for me to go to a pre-release and pay more than I will in a week when my friends and I play draft and sealed with the new set.”

Exactly. Plus there is the fact that the big events offer the best trading opportunities.

6. Gemini6Ice - November 3, 2008

The fact that the pre-release and the release were not very different is a very valid point.

I think with the old model, the model of location choices could be revised. In major metropolitan areas (such as Boston), it seems the large pre-releases were held in the boondocks rather than in the nucleus of the area. I’m sure the reasoning for this is financial in nature (a hotel’s convention rooms are definitely cheaper outside the city).

But the irony is that people who live in the nucleus of a metroplex are the ones who do not own cars and don’t really have transportion, while the people who live outside usually own cars and can drive into the city.

Would it be at all reasonable to consider medium-sized pre-releases that are cooperative functions of several neighboring stores. That is, not-quite-as-big-as-old-pre-releases, but bigger-than-FNMs. But the main thing would be more locations for pre-releases.

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