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GASP Con Recap November 3, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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This weekend the 9th annual GASP Con is happening in Greetree, PA. I wasn’t able to make yesterday due to the PTQ Kyoto (I’ll have a report on that soon). Aaron has been here selling cards all weekend and there is much more of a gaming element here than last weeks Steel City Con.

We met up with two other magic players, Kara and Piotr who are part of a casual group that meets once a month in Oakland (near the university of Pittsburgh). Their site is pittsburghmagic.org so check it out if you are in the area and are looking to get your game on. We played a four man chaos match where I played my Primalcrux rare and a prayer deck. It was the best I had for multi player at the time. Aaron was playing something mono black that was focused around devour and persist. Kara was playing a casual Kithkin deck and Piotr had a really interestind blue green deck that had a lot of awesome cards that are restricted in sanctioned play (I can’t remeber them all but fact or fiction, an artifcat that allowed him to switch his hand with the top of his library, and others). It was really exciting to see his deck in action as he was able to deal with everyone in play. 

Magic in action. See in the background a massive game of miniatures via the Battle of Hoth.

I believe he won the first game. 

Game two Kara sat out and another player joined us and I didn’t get his name. He was playing a poison counter deck, Aaron switched to a +1/+1 counter deck (but got mana screwed and didn’t last very long), and I switched to mono black goblin rouges. I made quick work of everyone with 1/1 fear guys. Hehe. 

After a few games of magic I participated in a GASP tradition. 8 players flick little race cars in the form of wooden disks around a track that is none too easy. The last place finisher gets to take home a little trophy that they have to bring back next year. I didn’t know everyone involved and since it was my first GASP Con I didn’t want to be known as the looser. Fortunately I finished in fourth or fifth place and didn’t have much to worry about. I shot some video at GASP and I’ll try to get it up in the next day or so.



1. Piotr - November 20, 2008

Poison player’s name was Adrian. Oakland magic meetup is this Saturday – everyone’s invited 🙂

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