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Inserts Not Mythics November 5, 2008

Posted by ricsta in Casual.
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I really wanted to comment on the changes that Magic has seen over the last couple of years. From the really good: the adoption of City Champs, to the really bad: Magic Online V3. But, alas, there has been sufficient coverage of such criticism Wizard’s critics. I will, however, comment on what direction I’d like to see Magic the Gathering take in the future.

In business, if you have the first firm foot into a new sector, then as long as you don’t punt it away you will make a ton of money on name brand recognition and the majority of the masses will blindly go to you first because, you are the most well known… people call snot rags Kleenexes, make Xeroxes when copying documents, and every surfs Al Gore when checking their e-mail. Wizards had monopolized the CCG market and had tighten their grip around the CCG community -similarly to your kid’s tightening their bladder before a six hour road trip to Chicago. And just like your kids who didn’t have to pee thirty minutes ago while at home, Wizards wet their pants thirty one minutes later and now your kid is confused as to why Yu-gi-oh cards are running down his pants. And WotC is crying because they want Magic cards running down your pants, not Yu-gi-oh cards.

So, Wizards punted a large share of the market away, maybe it’s something they could never have prevented, none-the-less they are currently unhappy with playing catch up with other CCGs. They have outlasted Versus and are currently in a two horse race with Yu-gi-oh. And, to siphon off players from Yu-gi-oh they are changing the game to make it more receptive to the Yugis. Many long time Magic gamers, including myself, are not pleased with the game transitioning to a Magic:the Yu-gi-oh-Esq game. I believe Wizards can change to increase their share of the gaming community without turning into Yu-gi-oh.

My solution is to look to Topps, Upper Deck, and all those resurrected sports trading card companies. Put original and memorabilia type cards into the current sets! Oh, you can’t put a Black Lotus into an 11th edition pack because people draft those? Well, how about a redemption card randomly inserted into each box. It can be redeemed for a piece of Power Nine, a random judge’s foil, a artist’s sketch on a blank magic card. Also, Wizards could do cool stuff like random “rare packs”, where each card is a rare, “foil packs” where each card is foiled (including the player card) and the list goes on. The guys at Wizards are smart and I have faith that they can think up some cool insert ideas without crashing the secondary market and having players run away from the game, right?

Am I saying Magic will fail because it’s currently mimicking other companies? No, the Catholic Church took that business idea and almost took over the world. They adopted holidays and customs from the pagan religions of the world hundreds of years ago and despite the failed crusades they currently are one of the biggest/important/wealthiest/etc religions in the world. I just want to open a mox in my 11th edition boosters.



1. Chad Wright - November 5, 2008

Let me tell you why this is a bad idea. I collected baseball cards back in the day. It was a blast for me as a kid and at somewhere around $1 a pack it was affordable.

I recently took a look at the baseball card market again. The number of kids collecting has dropped dramatically. Now it’s all about adults with money buying up boxes of cards *just* for the special inserts. And because of how rare these things are, packs are closer to $4 or $5 each for usually less than 10 cards. Collecting baseball cards has become a game too rich for kids to play anymore. I’d hate to see the same thing happen to Magic.

2. Gemini6Ice - November 5, 2008

Well the Tokens are inserts. And those have been pretty popular

3. Duncan - November 5, 2008

Umm, not to nitpick but Wizards CAN’T reprint Black Lotus or the Power 9. I mean I understand that the reserve list is an arbitrary list made by Wizards but the moment they start printing cards off of it, everyone who owns a piece of Power will quit and never buy another Wizards, Hasbro, or Avalon Hill product for the rest of their lives. It’s not worth it to them.

4. ricsta - November 6, 2008

@Chad Wright, the sport card industry isn’t ruined by adults purchasing cards. They purchased cards back in the 80’s and 90’s and they continue to do so. What hurt the sport card industry was ten new card companies springing up every year printing ten different sets to collect making it impossible for any collector -not just kids- to keep up.

MtG has a edge in that Wizards is the only company printing off Magic cards and would never have to worry about someone else flooding the market with shitty Magic cards.

@Duncan, I agree with you and that’s why I never mentioned the word “reprint” in my post. I’m saying the give out good ‘ole original Power Nine. I’m sure they got one or two sets laying around or can pick some up on the cheap.

5. Chad Wright - November 6, 2008

I still think the introduction of high-end inserts has the potential to turn it into a more expensive game to maintain which makes it harder on kids.

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