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Saturday’s FNM November 7, 2008

Posted by ricsta in Casual.
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I’ve been playing too much constructed lately with States coming up. I really do wish States had a top eight draft. First off, I’m still bringing Realm Razer to States as I still think it’s one of the best cards not talked about. I hope to catch a few Reflecting Pools with him.

My friend Rick is going to play Mono Red at States and was/is content with Moonglove Extract to help the Kithkin match up. I suggested to Rick, and now you, that Pyroclasm is way better. First off, it accomplishes the same feat but with one less mana requirement (forcing Kithkin to sac Forge-Tender). Secondly, when Kithkin doesn’t have Forge in play when you cast Pyroclasm you wrath their side of the board. Also, is word out about how good Manabarbs is against control? Pay seven life for Cruel Ultimatum much? Ouch.

Another thing I noticed in play testing is Wilt Leaf Liege can be sideboard tech for Kithkin against Esper Charms, Mind Shatters and Ravenous Rats! Really any deck can run them if they fear discard, but really, come on, UB Faeries? Please don’t.

Loxodon Warhammers are still very good against an unknown field/talent. A lot of people will show up Saturday with no outs to Warhammers.

Finally, if you don’t know what the best deck is and/or how to play it, just play what you are familiar with on Saturday. You’ll have a much better time and better shot at winning it all if you play a deck you’re familiar with. Good luck at States/Champs!



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