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Kithkin to Soldiers November 17, 2008

Posted by Norm in Constructed.
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Tonight I’m switching up my Kithkin Mirrorweave block constructed deck for a version of Vengeant Weenie. First off I have most of the cards for it and I’m looking for something new to play at FNM. Second I found a deck list on Deathmarked that I like. 
To start here is a link to my Kithkin Mirrorweave build, and here is a link to the Vengeant Weenie deck I’m aiming to build. They are similar but the Vengeant is packing the heat to keep the board clear. Anyone else running with something similar?



1. Mark Ian - November 18, 2008

Hey bud, thanks for linking to my post. I’m also planning to build Vengeant Weenie but I just couldn’t find Ajani here in our area and Stillmoon costs abit much. Btw, I’m gonna put your blog to my blog list if that’s ok with you. 🙂

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