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Around the Web November 21, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Incase you haven’t been to Mike Flores new site, Five with Flores, let me let you in on what I consider one of the best reviews of competitive decks online. (That last sentence was a bit janky but whatever). The site is still relatively new, but I really like the the approach and way he handles deck reviews especially the videos. Make sure you check it out. 

I’ve been reading Mike’s articles on MagictheGathering.com for a while now. His column used to be called Swimming with Sharks, maybe it still is, but now they just list articles by author and don’t have goofy names. When I first started reading about Magic online, his stuff was a little over my head. I’ll admit as a noob understanding the finer points about competitive decks was way outside my ability to comprehend. Over time I’ve come to respect and see the wisdom in his articles. 

Earlier this fall I decided to spring for his book, Deckade. I didn’t have any expectations about the book and I didn’t even really read to see what it was about. Turns out it is basically a reprint of much of his online writing going back to ’95. At first I was turned off by this because really who wants to read about deck reviews from the 90’s. After reading a few page I quickly changed my mind. Even though I’m unfamiliar with the cards reading his thoughts about strategy and deck building is very interesting. It has even given me a few ideas in the current formats. Not to mention he is kind of funny at times. Holy Pikula! If you are an older player you might actually enjoy reading it for its nostalgic factor. 

OK this post is getting way to long. So I’ll leave you with a sample video from Five with Flores. Enjoy.



1. Michael Flores - November 21, 2008

Thanks for the link!

2. CopySix - November 25, 2008

Hey Norm . . . Thanks for the 4.1.1. on Mike,
I did not know he had a site up – should have guessed though.

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