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Daily MTG RSS November 26, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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So I’ve been complaining to people that Wizards took down the Magic RSS feed when they put up the new site. I subscribe to a lot of blogs and I need an RSS feed to help me stay on top. (If you are unfamiliar with RSS click the link to wikipedia or watch the video below). 

Anyway today I was browsing the Magic Arcana and I found this Q&A with a question about RSS. So my sorrows are over and I can finally get my daily magic fix on my iPhone again. I don’t know why Wizards doesn’t create an easy way for people to find the RSS feed. This is the future after all. Here is a quick link to Daily MTG RSS.

If you are totally new to RSS here is a link to my Casual Magic RSS feed. 



1. Michael Rawdon - November 26, 2008

That’s awesome – thanks for pointing that out!

I’ve looked for it before, and couldn’t find it. I suspect they just added it recently, because my usual approaches to finding hidden RSS feeds (searching the HTML source for strings like ‘feed’, ‘rss’ and ‘atom’, or just looking to see if Safari finds one and displays the RSS icon in the address field) haven’t found it before.

Thanks also for pointing out the Five With Flores blog, it’s been fun, too.

2. Norm - November 26, 2008

Michael, no problem. I don’t understand why they made most of the decisions they did with the website. It is a shame how it works now. Maybe they’ll get it up to speed over time.

I’ve also seen a huge growth in the number of magic blogs over the last few months. I think that people are realizing how easy it can be to share info about magic online.

3. Michael Rawdon - December 1, 2008

Of course, I just realized that their feed seems to be messed up in that they keep re-posting articles to the feed with new dates, always from the day before. Makes it really hard to follow the feed in Safari. Sigh.

4. Norm - December 1, 2008

Google Reader is the way to go. I used to follow everything is Safari but GR is much better. You can also get it via mobile easier that way too.

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