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One Rare and a Prayer: Coat of Arms November 28, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Constructed.
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I decided to go with 10th edition for my next one rare and a prayer deck. In one pack I opened a Coat of Arms, an extremely versatile card that really could work in lots of themes. Since this is a bit of a win more card I’m going to have to build around this in a way that can maximize synergy without relying on it completely. So I chose goblin rouges from Lorwyn Morningtide block for the core of the deck.

I always wanted to make a deck around this theme but when I tried previously I really didn’t have enough cards. Now I have more than enough of the set I was able to put together a decent deck that is fairly competitive. Here is a link to the deck list on Essential Magic.

This deck is really fast because of Prowl, low cost creatures, and Prowl. It can get big quickly thanks to Oona’s Blackguard adding +1/+1 counters to basically every other creature that comes into play under your control. 

This deck is a great mono black aggro deck because of the fear factor on Prickly Boggart. If you get one out on turn one you are probably going to be able to get through for damage each turn for a few turns. Chances are your opponent isn’t going to want to waste a burn spell on a 1/1, so make them pay. 

One cool factor about this deck is that you can probably put it together for around $10. As Coat of Arms is the most expensive card and really isn’t necessary at all (honestly doesn’t belong if you really want to get serious). Most everything else is a common or uncommon. 




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