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My Naya Intro Deck November 30, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Shards of Alara.
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I made this deck for someone who is very new to magic. In fact I don’t know if they have any experience at all. I wanted to build something, as a first deck, that is fun and has enough tricks to stay fresh. Here is the link to deck list on essential magic.

What I dislike the most about official Magic precons/ intro packs is that they lack any real sense of focus. So for a new player the decks are so inconsistent they don’t understand why they might not grab the right answer. Because green is a great color for people who are first learning how to play I wanted to go with Naya, the greenest of the shards. 

I decided that I would go with bigger creatures to pack the punches. So to make sure that we have enough mana fast enough I chose some mana generating creatures as well as the cycling creatures on the higher end so you have an out with them in hand early game. On obvious exclusion is Wolly Thoctar. I was worried about the mana cost of putting this guy in the deck. I’ll also say that I didn’t have the spare Jungle Shrines to add. Thoctar would have certainly helped the beats on turn three.

If I were going to remake this this deck I would have included Mayael the Anima. If you get that mythic to stick this deck would certainly be able to get a regular extra 5 power guy on the board each turn. I’ve been thinking about trying to get my MTGO account fired up and rebuild this. That might be a fun place to test this out. 

Any thoughts on this precon build? If you missed it here is the link again to the deck list.


1. Duncan - November 30, 2008

Godtoucher is soooo bad. I would put in Wild Nacatl since you are running Lush Growth.

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