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Shards of Alara Green December 3, 2008

Posted by Norm in Shards of Alara.
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Part of my Shards of Alara exploration, here is my review of selected green cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

Algae Gharial
This is one of the great sleeper cards in Shards of Alara. This is a great card in limited. He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I could see this in a Nantuko Husk deck for sure, silently getting bigger, waiting for the strike.  

Actually I don’t seem to play with this creature enough. In all the decks I’ve played with recently I don’t think I’ve included it. I could see some cool synergies with Ooze Garden and Mycoloth. 

Court Archers
Another great creature that doesn’t see a lot of attention. The Archers are like a spider with reach and exalted, obviously. This mini wall can go a long way in fortifying your defenses while advancing the attack.  

This is another cool card that people like but I’ve never seen in use. I haven’t seen any new standard Saporling Token Decks since we lost Timespiral.  Even Devouring one creature can turn Mycoloth into a Saporling Assult minus the mandatory attacking. But with a measly two counters on the creature will really be devastating. It will be really hard to get rid of Mycoloth with counters on it. Your opponent will have fewer answers to this guy. The other problem is that once you get Mycoloth on the board with two counters he’ll be big enough to win on his own. Not too shabby. 

Ooze Garden
I mentioned the potential synergy with Algae Gharial and now I’m thinking Mycoloth. Too bad you couldn’t make all your little 1/1 ooze creatures into one big ooze like the slimes from Dragon Warrior.

Honestly I wish that you could activate the ability at instant speed. That would really make Ooze Garden worth playing and something to be feared. Recycling all of your creatures after blocking or attacking would really mess with your opponents game plan. Also it sucks that you couldn’t activate Ooze Garden in response to a burn or kill spell from your opponent. In any case it is a fun card that could have some interesting results. 

Actually now that I’m really thinking about it stealing your opponents creatures and then sacing them to the enchantment might be a viable strategy. Sarkhan Vol anyone, boo ya. Too bad I don’t have any of the planeswalker. 

Rhox Charger
I love this guy. He is a tank.  He will win your limited games and make your opponents fear the pole axe.



1. CopySix - December 3, 2008

Another great write-up Norm !
I think there is another under-valuated synergy between Ooze Garden and Sprouting Thrinax . . . Sac the Thrinax, get 3 Saps while Ooze replaces the Thrinax with yet another 3/3 . . . very greedy.
This of course just adds fodder for the Mycoloth machine.

2. Norm - December 3, 2008


I hadn’t considered Sprouting Thrinax. I smell a deck list coming together.

3. Michael Rawdon - December 3, 2008

The Ooze Garden obviously combos with any creature whose power is greater than its toughness, an Incurable Ogre, for instance. Also combos well with Persist, or with anything which demands a sacrifice outlet. Also combos with Unearth, turning your twofer Unearth creature into a Threefer, or with Giant Growth-type effects (assuming you don’t mind losing the special abilities of whatever you pumped). Someone at DailyMTG also pointed out that it can combo with Mighty Emergence.

Looking beyond Standard, it would be fun to put it in a deck with Sparkspitter. “I discard a land to create a 3/1 Elemental, hit you for 3, and then sacrifice it to create a 3/3 Ooze. Your turn.”

I played my Jund deck Monday night and managed to convert my Thrinax into 3 Saprolings, devoured them with a Skullmuncher, and then drew 2 more Thinaxes and a Predator Dragon. That was fun. (My team lost by one life point, though.)

4. noobz - January 4, 2009

i aaaaaalwwways use mycoloth cause my deck has alot of weak goblin cards for him chow down on

5. noobz - January 4, 2009

i aaaaaalwwways use mycoloth cause my deck has alot of weak goblin cards for him chow down on

6. kevin - June 28, 2009

mycoloth goes into my red/ devour deck
if all goes well i can pull of a 90/90 thunder thrash elder

7. kevin - June 28, 2009

mycoloth goes into my red/green devour deck
if all goes well i can pull of a 90/90 thunder thrash elder

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