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Happy Days December 4, 2008

Posted by ricsta in Casual.
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Hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving. I haven’t had much time to play magic recently, but I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. I heard, and had a difficult time finding the news on wizard’s website to verify this, that there will be a Legacy Grandprix in Chicago. Yeah! (throws arms in the air) I’m stoked and will be making time to start playing some Legacy this up coming week. 

The last serious Legacy tournament I played in was around a year ago in Virginia and the lists I played with are a little out dated. Back around GP Columbus I was running UWg Slivers. I hope that Slivers is still a viable deck as it’s a lot of fun to play. 

Quite a few players give Legacy players a hard time and believe it’s not a real format. I believe the disrespect Legacy receives is because there are so few sanctioned events and it’s never included in the PTQ season. Hopefully with the new way they calculate DCI rating and more frequent Legacy GPs will make it a more accepted format.

I’m happy that the GP will be in Chicago, I personally believe all US GPs should either be within six driving hours of Columbus or in Hawaii.



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