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FNM Shards Draft December 5, 2008

Posted by Norm in Draft, Shards of Alara.
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Tonight was the first time in a while I was able to make a FNM. We are drafting Shards of Alara and I felt pretty good about my deck. I got double Sigiled Paladin and double Lightning Talons. I didn’t have the greatest mana curve but a good deck overall with Realm Razer. I was hopeful to sweep the night since we are only playing three rounds.

Match One I play a guy who had about 8 creatures and didn’t have a very good deck. I beat down in 10-15 minutes so I sat around for most of the round while other people went to time.

Match Two I get one Plaines and three Forest with a hand full of red. I never had a chance. Game two my deck shows up with Wild Nacatl and Incurable Ogre my opponent can’t catch up on tempo and I win with a Soul Fire to the head. Game three we fight it out. I get a slower hand and she quickly gets Rhox Warmonk with other exalted creatures. I stabilize at 3 life killing the rino with Souls Fire. I play double Ogre and Cavern Thoctar and finish in three turns.

This was a really good match and I felt we both played well, but I was able to pull out the win.

Match Three was really frustrating. Since we are only playing three rounds it is important to win this game to pick any of the good cards at the end. Game one I mulligin down to five. I was confident that if I could get a decent hand I would be ok. I get Sigiled Paladin and go to work but my opponent gets back to back Blightning and I’m in topdeck mode. I would have been ok but he gets all his removal and I couldn’t keep up. I did have Realm Razer in my hand before the Blightnings but was one mana shy.

Game two I get turn two Paladin, turn three Lightning Talons and turn four Ogre. My opponent didn’t drop a creature until turn 4 so I had this in the bag.

Game three I get totally mana screwed. I kept an ok hand and never drew the third land until turn 5 or 6. I did miss play once letting my paladin die to a Jund Charm. But even that wouldn’t have mattered with my mana suck. What is frustrating is that I think I had the better deck. Too bad it didn’t show up.

I pick third in rare draft and miss a Tezzeret.



1. Gemini6Ice - December 8, 2008

I thought most FNMs offered prize support instead of backdrafting rares…

2. Norm - December 8, 2008

There are FNM foils that were handed out. The policy at my shop is to rare draft after a draft. This disallows someone to just cherry pick all the good rare card as opposed to building a deck that will win.

There were also other prizes thrown into the rare draft so everyone could get either four rares or other sealed product or a bonus card.

3. Gemini6Ice - December 8, 2008

That’s kind of a good point. I just get sad that I lose my mythic rares in backdrafting because I’m not good enough, haha.

4. Duncan - December 8, 2008

Uh, re-drafting rares is actually against the rules of FNM and the store could face some pretty huge penalties from WotC if it was a sanctioned event.

That being said, I do support re-drafting rares if the prize support isn’t really good.

5. Norm - December 9, 2008

I had not heard that Wizards did not support rare drafting.

I once drafted at a shop in Ohio that didn’t rare draft and I didn’t know until after the draft. I felt ripped off because I passed rares that were worth more than my deck in hopes to win. There were people there who got some really great cards out of that draft even though their deck sucked.

6. james - December 9, 2008

well, i think whether you re-draft the rares or not, picking the “rare” from the pack is just a formula for LOSING. and it’s pretty obvious too. how many rares are going to play? and how many rares are _that_ much of a threat that you wouldn’t pick them (over the ‘non-rare) in the first place? if it’s not playable, it’s junk. pass it for the playable common (that’s likely to have repeats so you can put three wild nactals rather than one wild nactal and two unplayble rares into your deck).
you won two of your matches with soul’s fire…making it much more powerful than some jank rare that’s just going to sit int he SB all night.

besides “deck building” reasons, there are two main reasons for going for uncommons and commons.
1) if you win, you get to first pick the rares anyway (getting the one that’s really worth it)
2) if you win (and don’t rare draft afterwards), then you win packs! (where you can get the rares anyway).

there’s really only a few rares that are playable: sigil of distinction, broodmate dragon, flamedragon (?), hell’s thunder…then a few mythic rares like sarkan vol, elspeth, etc (but i’ve beat decks with so-called bombs like those because my decks are always hella consistent). hope that helps.

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