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Alternate Art Already December 12, 2008

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Spoilers.
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If Nicol Bolas were a lolcat here is his caption: “I can haz planeswalker?”

Today I noticed this wallpaper in the Daily Arcana. So I know that yesterday we just saw the art work for Nicol Bolas but I’m wondering if we are already given a view point into an alternate art version. If  you scroll down and look at the art below you can see that we are indeed looking a new image. Could it be art for the release card by any chance? Also each of the other four Planeswalkers in Alara are in different art positions. I haven’t gone back to look and see if they are just cut out of other cards. 

And please keep the spoilers coming. If I miss something let me know. kthxbi.



1. Gemini6Ice - December 12, 2008

Why would they all be teaming up against him?

2. Duncan - December 13, 2008

This is actually the art for the fatpack. I doubt Nicol will be getting any alternate art for a few months as he is neither the pre-release nor release promo. Those honors belong to Malfegor and Obelisk of Alara, respectively.

My guess is that Bolas wants to reunite the shards and the others are trying to stop him. Grixis is really the only shard that would benefit from the shards uniting.

3. ThanatostheReaper - December 13, 2008

I dunno, the art could just be for show. If the other planeswalkers do wind up fighting him in the plot line it’ll probably be to stop him from doing something ridiculous, like fusing the shards as Duncan said, or maybe he plans to destroy Alara, who knows?
Either way, I could picture this art ending up on a card like Coalition Victory or something like that. Why is it just fat pack art? =(

4. Norm - December 13, 2008

Looking back at the Arcana page it does say fatpack art.

I don’t think that they are supposed to be fighting each other in a story line sense but rather as a metaphor for all MTG players facing off against one another. Although I do like the idea the Nicol Bolas is the one Planeswalker who wants to unite the shards.

5. Dillon - December 15, 2008

A part of me realizes that this picture looks very “We are going to kick the living crap out of you.” but there is this tiny part of me that wants to believe that Nicol Bolas is like an oracle that they have summoned for advice. His original art made him look all Bill Nye the Science guy, and now he just looks stoic.

6. Jean-Claude - December 26, 2008

naaaa i read da story, he goes around being ruler of grixis and starts pushing all da shards together cause grixis will benefit and da other shards will suffer and he is really strong on a blue black and red mana plane so if he mixes dem and grixis takes over he will be supreme ruler of alara and so da other “nooby” (nicol is a 25000 year old planeswalker elder dragon (best dragons around with magic) whilst da other are fairly newish) planeswalkers come to try to kick his ass, i suspect dey will fail, anyway etc, panic arises on all shards, creatures dat arent supposed to be on certain shards appear like apocalypse hydra on bant or grixis parasite on esper etc panic fight war u know da usual mtg awesomnes XD anyway i jus dont get y sarkhan vol fights nicol bolas, i mean yea jund dragon paradise might be harmed but isnt he a big dragon worshipper and looking for da strongest dragon around well he found da strongest and final elder dragon around plus i believe dragons might adapt to a grixis type alara cause dey awesome and strong and natural rulers soo idk y dey put sarkhan against nicol plus wen sarkhan was youngish he was in a trance and had a vision of an almighty dragon and der his spark ignited and looked for da strongest dragon around, now since nicol is da last almighty dragon around it was him soo y fight him anyway im a dragon lover and i side with nicol and believe dat he will win and dat sarkhan will jion him if not in conflux den in alara reborn XD thx for listening XD hail mtg dragons! =P

7. Jean-Claude - December 27, 2008

it would have been wayy cooler if it were sarkhan vs tezzerret(red vs blue), elspeth vs nicol (white vs black) and ajani stuck in between choosing to side with good or evil, with justice (ajani goldmane) or with his red mana tutor sarkhan (ajani vengeant) den he would turn good and become ajani goldmane of lorwyn cause as u know dat after hes vengeant soo would have been a nice subplot XD

8. Norm - December 31, 2008

Jean-Claude, Those would make excellent Duels decks. Too bad they will never put the better Planeswalkers in a precon pack.

9. Lunashine - January 7, 2009

I dont think it makes sense to use this as an alternate art. I mean, there are 5 walkers that all have their own cards packed into one card? that pretty much takes the flair of it I think.

ah and yes, wizard tends to not put good artwork onto their cards. we’ve already seen this with the selkie on the eventide fatpack or the esper mage artwork, which belonged to alara.

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