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Magic Comics December 13, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Here is a question for all you old school Magic collectors. I was poking around and came across these old Magic comics and I thought about picking some up on ebay. Is it worth it?



1. Andy - December 13, 2008

Being a reader of comic books as well as a Magic player I am going to say a big no. I have never heard of these comics, the publisher, or the creative team behind it. I am going to say they are most likely VERY mediocre (at best, laughably bad at worst.)
I don’t think its worth trying to win on eBay. Just my thoughts though.

2. buymorecards - December 13, 2008

Yeah I agree, thought some of them did come (if they are still sealed) with hard-to-find promo cards though. But that might have just been the first few issues, circa when Ice Age come out.

3. Duncan - December 13, 2008

It depends how much they are going for. If someone is selling the entire series for $10 go for it but I wouldn’t pay MSRP for them.

A little history lesson on them: The first place to ever describe the multiverse(other than the cards) was the alpha rulebook. The second place was the comics you’re discussing. They contained all the stories up until Weatherlight(the set) came out. At this point they decided to start the Weatherlight Saga, a tale of the skyship Weatherlight and her crew, that would last 4 years, spanning 4 blocks.

One small problem: the comics, which had been canon up until this point, had some inconsistencies between both themselves and the stories they wanted to write. So their solution was to say the new books(starting with Rath and Storm) would be the official canon and, as long as nothing in the books contradicted them, the comics would also be canon. Everything before the Weatherlight Saga is called pre-revisionist and should not be taken as truth.

4. Berend (Squirle) - December 14, 2008

The quality of the comics varies greatly. “Dakkon Blackblade” is a fun enough one-shot with good art. “Fallen Empires” is an okay 6 issue story that unfortunatly got crammed into 2 issues. “Shadow Mage” is an okay story with medicore art and dreadful dialogue. “Fallen Angel” and “Serra Angel” are really just excuses to get Richard Kane Ferguson and Rebecca Guay to draw some pretty pictures.

I’ve posted excrepts from some of them on MTGSalvation. You could go to the storyline section there and search for “Squirle Theater Presents” and see if you like them before spending money on them.

5. Dyre42 - December 14, 2008

I’m seeing that issue for 4 bucks on Ebay. Its worth the price of a booster pack just for the novelty IMO.

6. Mark Ian - December 14, 2008

I would agree. Its a good addition to your Magic Collection. 🙂

7. Norm - December 15, 2008

Thanks for the great feedback! I’ve got a bid going on the Ice Age set right now. If I can pick them up I’ll write a review.

I checked it out and if there are any unopened comics out there with the cards still in them it would either contain a Fireball or Blue Elemental Blast (I think). I’d have to go back and double check for sure.

8. NWG - December 29, 2008

They did come with a card, but they were just common cards.


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