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Shichifukujin Dragon December 15, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.

While brushing up on ultra rare magic cards I came across this Shichifukujin Dragon.  There is only one version of this card in existence that now resides at the Hobby Center in Japan (I’m not sure if that is a business or a place). 

Here is a link to Mark Rosewater’s recap of how the card was created and why he chose the unique abilities. Personally I really like the idea of a risk/reward card. Kind of like Figure of Destiny in how it can get bigger.

Below is the text I yanked from Magic Librarities.net:


The Shichifukujin Dragon was created to celebrate the opening of the Japan DCI Tournament Center in Tokyo, Japan. All copies except for one were destroyed. The remaining Shichifukujin Dragon has been encased at the Tournament Center for public view together with the original artwork of the card. The Tournament Center was closed on February, the 28th in 2003, and the card was moved to the Hobby Japan Head Office where it currently resides. Shichifukujin is the name of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune of Japanese mythology.

Hobby Japan produced a life counter using the artwork of the Shichifukujin Dragon.



1. james - December 17, 2008

they destroyed all the copies? that’s totally stupid. hopefully they’re not in the habit of destroying copies of random cards like that any more. SO STUPID. lol.

2. Jean-Claude - December 26, 2008

naaaaa dey werent destroyed m8 dey jus only made two one for dci tournament place thingy and one for da 1996 world champion

3. rk - January 5, 2009

Not stupid to destroy all the copies. It’s Japanese.

Many a Japanese Noise act has pulled the same trick. Make 200, destroy 199 ritually, and suddenly everyone wants the one that’s left… whether or not the sound recording is any good or not!

4. kaji yoko - June 29, 2009

i own one..

5. william gates - September 6, 2009

i own 12

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