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Home for the Holidays December 29, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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The past few days I’ve been home with my family. I figured since it is the Holidays I’d have lots of time to sit around and write posts for the blog, dream up new deck lists and play a lot of magic. That seemed to happen during this past Thanksgiving but not Christmas. I guess all the traveling we had to do put a damper on that plan. Driving to Cleveland Christmas Day and then to Michigan the day after (where we hit a major ice storm). All that adds up to me not getting any playing or much internet time, but since it’s the holidays I know its time to be with friends and family.

Well now I’m back in Pittsburgh and the only magic I played was with my brother. Santa brought me the Jace vs Chandra duel precon, and we played one game where I lost with the Jace deck. 

Just clicking around this moring I saw this over at the official site, they call it a Menger Sponge:

One other thing. If anyone is an advanced ebay seller can you give me a quick buzz. I’ve got a buddy who is in the middle of a frustrating ebay situation and he could use a suggestion or two on how to handle things. You can email me at normhuelsman [at] mac [dot] com or just comment on this post and I’ll get back to you. Thanks!



1. Gemini6Ice - December 29, 2008

I’m actually looking to buy an extra set of the booklets that come in the Jace vs. Chandra package. Would you be willing to part with them?

2. Gemini6Ice - December 29, 2008

I should also add that I’ve had a couple difficult ebay transactions but have always managed to get them resolved. I’m interested in throwing my two cents in, even though I might not be an “advanced ebay seller.”

3. CopySix - December 30, 2008

I personally would love to see one of these menger cubes constructed with a bunch of Elspeth PW’s and other expensive $30 cards.

4. Norm - December 30, 2008

CopySix, now that would be funny. Imagine if Wizards did that despite us. They could be like, “Well we had an extra couple hundred lying round the office, and the boss was out for the holidays…”

5. Preston - December 30, 2008

I haven’t played Magic in quite a while but I use to play a lot. I couldn’t imagine making a cub with $30 cards, though.

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