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Good Bye UG Madness December 30, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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This week we bid farewell to UG Madness. The only definitive Magic: the Gathering comic strip. 

I started reading around the Eventide release and I’ve never missed a week. I’m sad to see it go but all good things must come to an end as they say. Unless you resolve Time Stretch but who ever has that much mana anyway. 

Thanks Jason for all your hard work, free fake playset of foil Nicol Bolas for you sir.



1. Cory - January 4, 2009

Hey Rick and Norm, I decided to create my own MTG webcomic to fill the void that UGMadness will leave. I have the domain http://www.taptolaugh.com but am working on the look/ feel of the site as we speak. Can you check out the site thus far and let me know what you think so far? ( right now only three main characters are up with logo choices) Thanks. You can contact me at taptolaugh@gmail.com

2. Tap to Laugh « Casual Magic - January 14, 2009

[…] the Gathering comic, Tap To Laugh. The comic creator, Cory, contacted me shortly after I put up my Goodbye UG Madness post letting me know that he was working on a site. I was happy to hear that something was in the […]

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