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CCG Tradepost January 13, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Technology.
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NOTE:: When I published this post all my links keep disappearing. I’ll have to give some link love when this issue is resolved.

Site link: http://www.ccgtradepost.com

My profile: http://www.ccgtradepost.com/profile/CasualMagic.aspx

Sometime early in December I was contacted by Nick Davis regarding a new resource for card collecting and trading, CCG Tradepost. Nick built the site from the ground up after longing for a more efficient way to trade that is better than the typical forum method. While he felt that he didn’t reinvent the wheel bringing trading out of the dark ages and into web 2.0 was worth pursuing.

I immediately liked the idea because there have been many times I’ve wanted to make trades but my local circles don’t have what I need. I first saw the site while it was in a beta of sorts, but this week Nick has taken the site to a new level that is easy to navigate and fun to use.

The concept is simple, create an account, add the cards you have available for trade and then specify what cards you want. The site automatically shows you who has the cards you need, and also pairs you with other people who have the cards you want and need the cards you have. Cool right.

I think this site is going to be a great resource for casual gamers who are looking for the odd card here and there, but don’t have a lot of cash to put into a deck. As in gamers who are looking to pick up that last Reaper King and seem to have too may copies of Godsire. This is where you can put your cards to work for you. And don’t be afraid to initiate a trade with someone if they aren’t looking for a card you have. A fair trade is a fair trade so make an offer.

If you are worried about contacting a complete stranger across the country to mail your cards, don’t worry because the site has a solid feedback system. You leave feedback much like you would on an ebay auction (actually it is easier to leave feedback on Tradepost than ebay).

Anyway here is a link to my profile so check me out and maybe we can wheel and deal.



1. CopySix - January 13, 2009

Great write-up on a great site . . . Nick has done a solid job on the site to date and I will be giving him a plug on my blog as well.

2. Cory - January 13, 2009

Norm can you email me or contact me on aim? ill email you my aim name. thanks

3. Nick Davis - January 14, 2009

Thanks for the review, Norm!

4. Brian Muse - April 14, 2009

Happened upon this post while browsing your older entries. Have you checked out carddrifter.com ? It’s a similar site that’s been around a lot longer. Over 40,000 cards are listed. Feel free to drop me a line about it.

5. 2009 - October 10, 2009

On it however the lad is a retard when it comes to positional scense. ,

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