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Conflux MiniSite Online January 14, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Spoilers.
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I’m excited to report that today Wizards of the Coast made the Conflux Mini site live!

At first glance we have all the usual elements of a mini site. Fist is a little bit of story giving the history of Alara and what is happening in Conflux flavor wise. The flavor section also has about five great images.

We have the usual puzzle that will reveal some more spoiler art for the card Armillary Sphere (click here to go straight to the wallpaper). What is cool about this wallpaper is that it is available in new formats like widescreen and iPhone.

Most importantly we have the visual spoiler. Make sure you keep a bookmark of this link handy as the next few weeks it will receive all of the officially spoiled cards. Once the set is released Wizards will update this section with the full set. I’ve found this feature helpful while doing my selected reviews. 

Last but not least there is the product information section. This area is helpful if you are looking for images of packaging. Prerelease/release info or anything else related to Conflux. 

As you go through the mini sight make sure you look at the header images because you’ll see many different creatures that have yet to be identified (like this image).

Also click here for the Conflux Orb of Insight. Conflux Spoiler season has entered full swing so enjoy chasing the spoilers while they last.



1. Nick Davis - January 15, 2009

Woah! I can’t believe I totally missed the spoilers yesterday! Niiice!

2. Lunashine - January 16, 2009

well check out salvation, they currently have 78 cards up so far. summarized, Im pretty dissapointed of conflux until they bring up some really nice cards. some cards, mostly commons, would be a sweet addition to decks, but they simply cost too much mana. stupid logic – if it were rare it actually would cost less…. I would gladly use faerie mechanist for U2,or sludge strider without paying generic mana each time, but as they are now thats nothing for constructed. I think they dont want to repeat the mistake they made with affinity, so they dont want to focus esper cards on an aggressive builds. allthough I really like court homunculus.

ah, and this is fine artwork on nyxathid and dragonsoul knight.

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