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Conflux Prerelease and Release Promo Cards January 15, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Spoilers.
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I spotted images of the Conflux prerelease and release cards over on Dragon Guardian.com. I haven’t seen these anywhere else so I don’t know where he found them (I will admit I haven’t been on many of the forums recently).

Obelisk of Alara is going to be a really interesting card to see in play. My first thought is that Esper is going to benefit the most from this, but I really didn’t put much energy into thinking about it. 

My brother recently just built a Ravnica Rakdos themed Hellbent deck and my first thought was Malfegor would be a great addition to that deck. I would have liked to see a more juicy release card though. 

I’m a little concerned about all the high casting cost spells that are coming out. From what I’ve seen nothing is going to break fairies or mix up the current crop of competitive constructed decks. We’ll see.

PS. here is a link to a better Malfegor image in the Magic Arcana.



1. Ben Carlson - January 15, 2009

I kind of like how casting costs are increasing. Sure, Faeries may still be a problem, but it might be nice to see a slowed down format. At least it can open up some possibilities like seeing cards that would normally be unplayable actually playable.

2. Norm - January 15, 2009

With all of the mana fixing that wizards is making I think that things maybe moving in that direction. I find it interesting how with the right mana base the actual color you need access to is irrelevant.

3. Jean-Claude - January 15, 2009

humana humana humana humana *drools over malfegor* a legendary demon dragon w00t! score! with a nb nb ability!! yeay! him with nicol, voracious dragon and hellkite hatching
mhm ma conflux dragon deck, like ma shards one 🙂 *drools again* 😛 hehe

4. Lunashine - January 16, 2009

Actually, I dont think any of these two will influence t2 the slightest bit. 5cc uses 6 mana cards like oona, or cloudthresher, I would be really surprised if they put in the obelisk. malfgeor is really weird anyway, by turn 6 you usually dont have that many cards you can discard anymore, and without hellbent or even madness, the synergies arent so great. btw, his normal artwork is far more impressive to me.

5. Kirk - January 16, 2009

The 2 damage to all creatures spell that can’t be countered is gonna be a problem for fairies… and then some.

6. mike - January 16, 2009

wow just wow thats all i got to say. cant wait to put that dude right into my all mana cost dragon deck with dragon arch, yeah.

7. Calvin - January 16, 2009

Hello. I got the card from MTG Salvation.

8. cadenadebronce3 - January 17, 2009

Malfegor looks nice, and as you say it matches perfectly hellbent strategies. I think its mana cost its ok and well balanced. So nice creature and nice combination of colors. About the Obelisk, I don’t feel anything special.

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