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Mythic Rares: National Treasure or Natural Failure January 16, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Shards of Alara.
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The other day there was an interesting post on Planeswalker Writes about a few of the spoiled cards in Conflux. His comments regarding how some of these new cards and mythic rares are cards that really don’t do anything for you, got me thinking. While I was typing a comment I started to think this might be a good post topic for discussion. You can see the original post and my comment here.

So what I want to discuss is Mythic Rares. Planeswalkers are mythic by default but what about the rest of them? Why do they deserve this noble title? There are very few of them that I have ever really used in a deck I’m playing. In competitive magic, FNM or PTQ, if your not a Planeswalker your not getting played (the only exception maybe Rafiq of the Many). What I’m getting at is when mythic rares were announced we were assured that the rares would not be key strategic cards that only a few could get or cost an insane amount of cash. I think that this is true except for the Planeswalkers. As a mostly casual player I’m not getting my hands on some of the choice Planeswalkers unless I’m lucky enough to open one. Clearly Planeswalkers would be considered treasures. Part of my problem here is that the Planeswalkers clearly are strategic cards in competitive decks across all formats. So what gives?

What about the rest of those rares? Sure they have cool abilities and if you get one to stick on the board you are most likely to pull out a win. However I’m disappointed that these ultra rare cards don’t do anything really wicked. I’m not saying that if you resolve a mythic rare you should win the game then and there, but I was expecting a little more dynamic with these cards. The Planeswalkers have it for sure. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the whole idea and they can be fun. I do like the idea of attacking with Godsire and putting another 8/8 token in play each turn.

Perhaps you guys can express what I’m thinking a little more clearly, or am I out in left field here? What are your current mythic rare thoughts? What mythics are you looking forward to in Conflux?



1. Lunashine - January 16, 2009

both yours and the post on “planeswalker writes” were very good I think. you covered all up that need to be said. I would go with “natural failure” in every point there is. I was very dissapointed how mythics turned out. I mean, weren’t they made to do some epic stuff on the battlefield? I really dont get it whats epic about bringing an artifact back from the grave with sharuum or this crap “conflux” does.

Only thing mythics did were making walkers even more expensive. rafiq is ok, but nothing too good since hes not a 3/4. I would really LOVE to play with mayael, if they made her ability cost 1RWG, so you can put a fatty into play 1 turn after, but beeing outtapped likely. that wouldnt be broken, as you can deal 14 dmg turn 3 soon with noble hierarch + crasher + rafiq and mayael can be killed very easily. I would call this very poor design and imo some people should really leave the card creation department of wizards.

kind regards

2. cadenadebronce3 - January 16, 2009

I’m totally disappointed about mythic rarity from the very begining. I think is not necessary at all. Rare rarity cadence is ok, and there’s mnot reason to make some “rare among rares rarity”. in fact only few of mythics are awesome to play (Tezzeret, Ajani Vengeant) but the rest are not incredible designs. See nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, I think nobody is going to play it becasue of its nasty mana cost, however it’s a mythic rare card. I mean, mythic rares should be really awesome cards that could be highly playable, but that’s not reality. Besides, Magic has the legendary supertype to make exclusive awesome cards. May be after Alara block mythic rarity will dissappear. We’ll see.

3. CopySix - January 17, 2009

I really do like some of the new Conflux cards to date. As for just how well they may support your current deck or tournament play, the jury is still out. As for Mythic Rare’s potential impact on Magic, I do not think that it has made much of a ripple. These cards are indeed very cool but pretty much unplayable legends. I suspect that this idea may originally have come out of a WoTC marketing meeting rather than from a design meeting with MaRo.

4. Dillon - January 17, 2009

Cards like Realm Razer, Knight of the White Orchid, and Ethersworn Canonist should be worth more, so in that sense, Mythic Rares are effecting people’s wallets in a good way and a bad way (Could also be the whole 249 cards in the set thing). The Planeswalkers are just plain expensive. They can get away with 30 dollars for Elspeth, because she is Mythic.
As Mark Rosewater said, Mythic Rares are just trying to signify those really special creatures, spells and people of the Magic universe. To me, if they were so special, why can’t they 1.) Be better for play 2.) Have realistic casting costs.

5. rk - January 22, 2009

I hate the mythic rare concept. Naked attempt by WOTC to get people to buy more packs. Makes me shudder to think what’s next: Double Foil Super Mythic Rares, anyone?

Now, having said that, both Alara & Conflux have some great mythic rares for casual & multiplayer games. They do a nice job of balancing out cards for the tourney-obsessed and the more casual player. I can’t see Godsire in tourney play, but he’s fun as hell to play in multiplayer.

And the good news about that is the mythic rares that are fun for casual play are nowhere near as pricey to buy individually as say… Sarkhan Vol.

6. Bruno - August 17, 2009

I Just Think That Mythics Are A New Way To Give More Entusism To The Rariry And To The Opening Of A Bosster. But Tha`s Just Me

7. Bruno - August 17, 2009

I Agree That Are A Rare Among Rare Cards But There Ain`t No Need To Banish Em. I Like Mythics There Are Almost All Great. But Being A Mythic Just Means That They`re Harder To Get. Just That.

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