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Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Officially Official January 19, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Spoilers.
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The first week of Conflux spoilers are kicking off today at Magic: the Gathering.com. They couldn’t wait any longer to spoil this guy. Nicol Bolas is going to be a hot card for sure (click that link for the flavor backstory).

I wonder if Sarkhan Vol isn’t a little stronger in comparison. You can play him in half the time, Sarkhan’s second ability is stronger for sure and the third is game over for your opponent if they can’t block the fliers. Both Planeswalkers take the same amout of turns to get to ultimate. Bolas has the advantage of not dyeing the first time it can pay the  ultimate cost. Also if both Planeswalkers hit the board at the same time, I’m assuming Bolas’s first ability can take out Sarkhan.

I’m just not sure Bolas’s casting cost is going to be worth it. Perhaps there is going to be some sort of herald for him.



1. CopySix - January 19, 2009

“Perhaps there is going to be some sort of herald for him.”
Very interesting and perhaps this may prove true.
In terms of flavour, I still think that ‘Knight of the Skyward Eye’ has some part to play with the emergence of Nicol Bolas in Conflux.
Remember “The Order of the Skyward Eye does the bidding of an evil force, unwittingly stirring fear and mistrust across Bant in accordance with his plans.”
Also – “Skyward” give us one hit in the Conflux Orb of Insight . . .

2. Norm - January 19, 2009

Interesting concept with knight of the skyward eye. A betrayal of world seems totally appropriate.

3. Yahoo Sucks - February 7, 2009

Are you crazy? The casting cost may not be worth it. I have this card and this card is a game ender! It only costs 8 to cast and you will wreak havoc with it. Especially the last power. I may be a high casting cost but as long as you have other low cost cards in your deck, you should be fine.

4. Sean - April 29, 2009

how much is this card worth? i have one too

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