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Conflux – Apocalypse Hydra January 20, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Spoilers.
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Finally a mythic rare that seems playable. Certainly draft-able. Before I read the rules on this card I was scared that they were going to be too complicated. But I was wrong on this one. I see a creature that is playable on turn three (not that you’d want it that early) but an effective killer. 

Lets say you are attacking your opponent and you get in for four damage and he’s at two life. As long as you’ve got the mana you can easily finish him off. The same goes for a pesky creature or planeswalker that you need to keep in check. So cheers to Wizards for a mythic that, as for the moment, seem potentially relevant. If only Apocalypse Hydra had trample. 

Also yesterday the Magic Arcana showed us a look at the Conflux tokens. What is going to make angels?



1. Obunaji - January 20, 2009

This makes 4/4 angel tokens:

2. Lunashine - January 20, 2009

The hydra doesnt seem to be constructed proof, but shes definitely a no brainer in limited. Maybe Ill try a r/g aggro with tatermunge maniac, boggart ram gang and boartusk liege, that gives an additional +2+2 punch to apocalypse.

Also its plenty easy to give green creas trample imo. If nothing else works, just swing in with a loxodon warhammer, then even the hydras burn effect will trigger lifelink! sounds fun to me, and Im happy at least one hydra doesnt totally suck.

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