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MTG Realm the Incomplete History January 23, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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To return the favor here is a little piece on CopySix from MTG Realm. So read on about the man the myth who is your other favorite Magic blogger. 

How did you get into Magic?
I first started playing Magic : The Gathering in the fall of 1989.  It was introduced to my by my spouse who played this interesting game at work with a group of software engineers.  Some very terrible ‘chaff’ commons were provided to the both of us at the time by her co-workers.  There was a lot of confusion about rules and game play on the kitchen table resulting in some frustrating evenings.  My very first MTG purchase was a set of card sleeves and the Urza’s Legacy Theme Deck – ‘Crusher’ in February of 1999.  We may have played regular weekly games for a few months after that but the cards were essentially shelved to collect dust.

Fast forward to December 2007.  My spouse had recently become self-employed at this time and met a game store owner through a federal program for start-up business owners.  She had suggested that I take the oldest of our three kids (who was 9 at the time) out to something called Friday Night Magic at the local store.  To this end, I dusted off the aforementioned cards and headed out.  At the store, I was informed by the organiser that the cards I purchased almost a decade earlier were not legal in ‘standard’ and he lent both of us a deck to play.  Suffice to say I got my butt kicked by kids there a fraction of my age but did learn quite a lot through the helpful instruction everyone provided.  After a month or so of this, my ‘Planeswalker spark ignited’ and not only was I enthused about this card game, I became passionate about it to start a blog.

How did you get into blogging?
img_0066I had always been fascinated by history and in 2005 while doing some research, stumbled across a website that dealt with Urban Exploration (going where you are not suppose to).  I was intrigued  by the stories and images of social miscreants exploring old abandoned buildings, institutions and military bases.  At approximately the same time, I purchased my very first digital camera.  This union of interests pushed me into a dark and clandestine world of urban exploration.  I was readily accepted by other members of this underground culture and was soon joining them on missions.  I started an Urban Exploration Blog (www.UrbExBarrie.Blogspot.com) and have produced over 100 posts since May, 2006 which features my documentation of abandonments through stories, photography and videos.  Although I ‘take only pictures, and leave only footsteps’, this hobby really is trespassing in the eyes of the law and could potentially be damaging to my wallet (heavy fines).  This may be one reason why I am rather happy to have another hobby with MTG which is not illegal where I reside.  I use an on-line handle and maintain several layers of anonymity so that it would be difficult to link me to that hobby.

Back to Magic, tell me about MTG-Realm. 
I may have been somewhat short-sighted in terms of nomenclature when I first registered my MTG blog (Lorwyn Unleashed).  After a discussion with a new friend (Norm of the MTG Blog Casual Magic), I decided to re-register the blog with a new name (www.MTG-Realm.Blogspot.com) that better reflected the content.  I realised within the few few months that there was little chance for a newcomer to the game to provide blog posts on the same level as the professionally-written articles over at Star-City games and elsewhere.  I needed to identify and fill a niche in the wide spectrum of MTG fan sites.  I determined that news and new set spoilers was not only much sought after content, but I did not have to be a professional Magic writer (or player) to be able to provide this.

With humble beginnings of 200 hits in January, 2008, traffic to the site grew to 57,000 in December.  After a full year of Magic blogging, I have produced  173 posts with the promise of just over 90,000 hits for this month of the blog’s anniversary.  Last year, wanting to be able to provide MTG cards to my spouse and kids, I arranged for advertising space on the blog for gaming stores in exchange for booster packs.  This year, I am generating a very small amount of real income which is spent to go directly back into the hobby.  I do not want to detract from the blog content and do not have the goal of profiting from it but perhaps one day I will be able to afford to attend a professional tournament and blog about that.

Anywho – some personal items of interest outside of Magic.
I like to photograph abandonments, drink beer, eat wings, and work on motorcycles.


1. CopySix - January 23, 2009

Hey – that was awesome ! Thanks buddy – I’m filling out a SpiderMan valentine’s day card right now. 😉

2. Sven - March 31, 2009

I first started playing Magic : The Gathering in the fall of 1989.

=> Whaaaaw !! Isn’t that date wrong? 😉

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