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MTGO – WTF?!? January 24, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.


Please look at above photo. Doesn’t it remind you of the first time you used the internet or, if your me, I’m reminded of an old program called Font Navigator. WTF Magic the Gathering Online? This is your help site? Why are you living in the past. 

OK let me start by saying I started a MTGO account sometime over the summer. But I don’t have a PC so I did it while visiting my parents… bla bla bla. During this process I didn’t redeem my free $9.99 (which isn’t free, I had to pay $10 for a username or whatever). So now I have access to a PC and I go to redeem my code with high hopes to play some pauper magic, but my code comes back invalid or something. I go to this help menu and it takes me five minutes to find the search menu. I also try to contact one of the live chat people. Didn’t work. 

First of all my code should work. I don’t care if it was six months ago. Honestly, I shouldn’t even need a code to get my “free” complementary ten bucks. By the way, most of the stuff in the store cost more than ten dollars. 

OK I know MTGO cost money to play. I know how it works. Really not that big of a deal. But when this BS happens it really ticks me off because I’m paying for a service. This shouldn’t be a problem for me to get my code, nor should I find the above help menu that looks like it was made by someone in high school during 1997. Most free services online work better, and don’t look like they were made over ten years ago (ten seems to be a common theme here).

OK rant over, but I’m still pissed.



1. Wort - January 26, 2009

Uh, that’s an ugly one. Also, I really, really don’t like the idea of MTGO and paying for virtual cards. I mean, it’s ok if there’s a free version (sorry if there really is) with, I dunno, theme decks? But, me? I’ll never pay for a virtual cards. 🙂 Sorry if I went to far from the topic.


2. Norm - January 26, 2009

No worries. So far I’m learning that it might be cool to get into pauper magic for around $15 you can get a ton of commons from a third party vendor.

3. RileyScott - January 27, 2009

Actually, paying for virtual cards isn’t that bad. I’m in the unfortunate situation of not being in a highly competitive Magic area. There is a draft every friday, and a Tournament scheduled on saturday at my local store, but more often then not, there aren’t enough players to play.

So Magic Online became the only way for me to play Magic. I also like it because I don’t have to wait till friday or saturday to play a game of Magic. I can play a constructed block, std, ext, pauper, or 100 singleton tournament every night of the week if I want to.

The amount of money I spend on it is no more then any other hobby, and I get enjoyment out of it. Sure the cards are only virtual, but in some ways it’s better then having boxes and boxes of cards hanging around like I did when i played yu-gi-oh.

Anyway, I recently started a blog trying to keep track of how well i was doing on Magic Online. I’m currently trying to “go infinite”, as in I win more in tournaments then I put into the game. Check it out sometimes if you want.

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