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Conflux EDU: Domain 101 January 26, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering.
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The above video is a crash course in the Domain mechanic new for Conflux. We’ll see how efficent this mechanic will prove to be. I’m not completely sold on it as it seems like Eventide’s Chroma – an interesting mechanic but a little confusing as a key word. I mean each domain ability is a little different each instance, so it seems like they could have just printed abilities on the cards verses giving them a keyword. 



1. Duncan - January 27, 2009

Domain actually isn’t new at all. It was introduced in the first multicolor block, Invasion and was returned to in Time Spiral with Tromp the Domains.

That said, if shocklands are reprinted in 11th as most people expect, it would provide a nice middle ground between the ridiculousness of shocks + fetches in Extended and the absence of duals with basic types in standard.

2. Dillon - January 28, 2009

Aaron Foresythe already let the cat out of the bag for 11th edition: They are bringing back the Shock Lands.
Also, yea, Domain has pretty much been around for a bit. Tribal Flames anyone?

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