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Conflux – Knight of the Reliquary January 26, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Spoilers.
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In the sea of five color creatures that are running rampant in Conflux I’ve got to take pause and say Knight of the Reliquary is awesome. This guy is going to be so efficient in fixing mana and thinning out your unneeded land late game. I see this guy being the most efficient in limited (at least right off the top) insuring your late game to not give you a land flood. 

Do I see a deck synergy with Countryside Crusher? You bet, although finding the right mana base is going to be the key. Off the top I’d love to make a crusher deck with the Knight and some other funky creatures. At one time I thought there would be good synergy with Noggles. We’ll see.



1. Ben Carlson - January 26, 2009

Yeah. Don’t think this thing is quite constructed worthy, but definitely Limited and really sweet in Casual. More-than-basic land fetching is really fun, Weathered Wayfarer is cool, but this guy is more than just a 1/1 dork for W like the Wayfarer.

2. Jeffrey B. - February 1, 2009

I w0uld have to agree… Played this in my first flight yesterday, then in a moment of ‘need’ wound up selling it off, and am now biting my nails while attempting to construct from the pool I now have. Soldiers and knights are looking sexier and sexier…. To play, as well as, well, heck….

Just look at her!! 😉

Sweet dreams all….

& don’t forget



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