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Dragon’s Egg – Power 9 Pro January 27, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.


You’ve seen the web banners all over the internets, but what the heck is a Dragon’s Egg?Well this timely named product is straight from the hut of Sarkhan Vol. He developed this bag to transport the future dragons of the world to safe places when they are threatened by those who wish to see dragons become extinct. 

OK so Sarkhan Vol didn’t really develop this bag but we can still pretend, right? This bag was developed by magic players for magic players. A hard case to protect up to four decks with sleeves and comes complete with many pouches for your other supplies. I recently picked up a deck bag specifically for magic cards and I wish that I would have waited to get one of these. They look really cool and don’t seem to be too big or bulky. 

Developed by Power 9 Pro the Dragon’s Egg is one of accessories I wish I had even as a casual player. Below are a few photos and a quick video to give you a better idea. Just so you know I don’t get any kick backs for featuring this item. I just think it is cool. 




1. Angie - January 27, 2009

I’ve got a Dragon’s Egg, and I’m here to tell you: it’s legit. Everything I need for a tournament is in one handy case, and I’m not worrying about whether my trade binder is squashing my flimsy deck boxes. I wish I could buy a couple more of the plastic inserts because it would rock to have a set of standard decks, a set of extended / legacy decks, and a set of limited supplies, all ready to go in their own inner-divider. Also, I kind of wish there was a good pouch for a bigger trade binder, but only my slimmest 4-sleever fits, and even that’s a squeeze. Still, my sunglasses, dice, wallet, cell phone, 4 decks with sideboards all in sleeves, notepad for life totals, and pen all fit in one handy bag. I’m definitely in the happy customer camp.

2. adria - January 27, 2009

I’m glad you’re excited about the Dragon’s Egg, and thanks for your input about the bag’s features. That’s a good point about additional plastic shells. They are actually designed to be stackable so that if you have more than one you can stack them for storage. Stay tuned, we’ll hopefully have the plastic shells available for purchase separately soon!

3. Roberto - January 27, 2009

I didn’t think I would like the Dragon’s Egg at first but once I actually got it, wow I was surprised. I’ve been using deck boxes and book bags for years so changing was a big step. What I found was that the Dragon’s Egg was so much more accessible and safe compared to putting my bag on the back of a chair or under the table. I can always keep an eye on my stuff with this thing. I also like that its durable because I tend to throw my junk around a lot.

4. Jay - February 8, 2009

If you live in the Seattle Washington area and wish to have one of these bags, check out Discordia Games. Ways to contact them EMAIL – discordia@mcleodusa.net ON THE WEB – http://www.discordiagames.com PHONE – 360-415-9419. They have them and I was told by their staff that they are the distributor for the whole Seattle area. I got mine and I LOVE it.

5. Noah Drake - October 22, 2015

Please Ive looked everywhere, How can i get a dragons egg

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