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Conflux Prerelease Question January 28, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Organized Play.
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Today the whole city of Pittsburgh is on a snow delay. So while I’m waiting it out I’d thought I would solidify my prerelease plans and spend more time reading the prerelease info than normal and I noticed something about open dueling.  Previously if you participated in open dueling you would get a prerelease card and a booster pack for your effort. Did they change that? Here is the official info:

Open Dueling – Open Dueling registration is prioritized for customers not participating in the Prerelease tournament. Open Dueling players receive 1 Intro Pack, 1 Open Dueling Results Card, and 1 promo card (while supplies last). Open Dueling players play against other Open Dueling players as well as tournament players who are between matches. Tournament players are encouraged to help teach new customers how to play Magic while playing in Open Dueling. After a participant has completed their Open Dueling Results Card, and the card has been verified by the organizer or judge, he/she receives one complimentary booster pack provided by the organizer.

Was it just the habit of my local venue to give out an additional prerelease card or are they discontinuing the practice. Honestly that is one of the only reasons I participated in open dueling to begin with. 

So I’ll take a quick poll, to duel or not to duel.

One other fact is that when I opened my intro back during the shards release my foil rare was bent badly in one corner. It seemed like a manufacturing issue but I was disappointed that the organizers wouldn’t do anything about it.



1. james - January 28, 2009

hey i answered “no” …but i am torn.
my big issue is that the promo-cards are in limited supply. if i read your post correctly, you were focusing in on how the promo-cards are being “reserved” for non-tournament players first. i’m honestly not sure where these people are playing that there are actually non-tourney kids at these pre-releases but i’d wager it’s a small number of people. regardless, what really irks me is that the promo-cards are restricted. i don’t really see the point in limiting the production run if they simply have the T.O.’s return all non-distributed promo’s. that is, you sign up for a flight of pre-release? promo card. another one? promo card. open dueling? promo card. @ the end of the day any un distributed cards go back to wizards. wtf is the big deal?

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