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Prerelease February 1, 2009

Posted by ricsta in Conflux.
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I have to agree with Norm on the disappointment of the prerelease format. I really do not want to attend the “big” prerelease in my area, but the people who put it on, PES, are the same people who put on Grand Prix Trials, PTQs, Regionals, States, and with out PES there would be little to no high level magic in my region. 

One thing we need to realize is a lot of the changes come from Wizards themselves and your local tournament organizer has to abide or risk being tattle-tailed on and lose their good standing to hold tournaments. An example is my local store was given eight boxes, of which were Conflux and Shards, to hand out as product and prizes and a stack of pre-re foils. Last Thursday they were told they could only hand out one foil per person -they would have handed the left over as door prizes- and the prize support would be limited to two packs times the amount of people who played. Therefore, if thirty people showed up, then 180 packs for product to play with and sixty packs would be handed out as support. What are they supposed to do if there are any packs left over? Throw them away. Destroy them. Not give them out as prize support.

I’m sure the “big” prereleases have similar constraints and I am shocked that there were no drafts, since there was a large out cry after Shard’s prerelease. Someone at Wizards has a good reason for limiting the support, but I have yet to figure it out.



1. Norm - February 1, 2009

Rick, I’m really surprised at the lack of drafts in Columbus. How many people were at your event? there were probably only 100-150 people at my event and I maybe over estimating.

2. Lunashine - February 2, 2009

Hey guys, same here in Austria, so It should be wizards doing. 62 players we were, and a mere display for the first one, and three slim boosters for me, despite my vicious struggle making it into the top 5. well it really cant be helped, at least a mythic rare was in my prize boosters. but did it really had to be “conflux”? I hate my luck in drawing cards…


3. Gemini6Ice - February 2, 2009

There were drafts and 2HGs at the Boston-area regional pre-release I went to.

4. ricsta - February 2, 2009

There were drafts, eight-teen bucks at Columbus. I was just expressing my surprise that Pittsburgh didn’t have drafts. Columbus had about 250 people.

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