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Thoughts on Conflux February 3, 2009

Posted by ricsta in Casual.
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One of the beefs I had with Shards of Alara was that in limited formats there were few cards that could kill the fatties. Conflux, on the other hand, has multiple ways to deal with your opponent’s win conditions. Some of them are situational, white got some good removal and my favorite is Banefire as it can go to your opponent’s dome. 

In limited the 1BB 7/7 guy, Nyxathid, is insane. I played against him twice at the prerelease and I had to stop playing spells and lands for two turns to kill him. I hope he’s even better in constructed as I like cheap 7/7 monsters.

Some people thing Path to Exile is better than Swords to Plowshares, others think it’s the second best removal spell comparable only to StP. I think in the Eternal formats StP will still be the go to removal spell and if you need a 5th-8th copy you’ll throw PtE in your sideboard. There are quite a few decks that run eight or less win conditions in Legacy, therefore having the option to run a total of eight Sword effects is very nice. No doubt in T2 PtE will be insane, especially with 5-color control sleeving up no basic lands! Then in extended white has a turn one answer to Heritage Druid! Woot!

When I heard about the land that comes into play tapped and you need to pay one mana or sac it, Rupture Spire, I was sure it was an uncommon or rare. When it was leaked in the spoilers as a common I was waiting for the prerelease to see if they got it wrong. When my friend opened up three copies of it in his pool I was shocked it was a common. It may not be a automatic 4-of in a 3+ color deck as you don’t want multiples in your starting hand, but my G*d is that one powerful common land.

How much will Dramatic Entrance go up now that Progenitus is around?



1. CopySix - February 4, 2009

By far, I think this may have been the most exciting set yet and the early card-list leak did not seem to detract from this.
I should think that this set as a whole will have a big impact on the meta-game (relative to the last 4 sets).
Both Johnny and Spike are rather happy with fun this set promises to provide.
I did notice that Dramatic Entrance are now ‘out of stock’ in some on-line stores but the secondary market has not yet caught on – I fully expect this card to soar from the $2 (avg) price upwards to $6 within the next several weeks.

2. A_window - March 27, 2009

I dont know why people just dont use dragon arch its much better…..

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