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New Marketing Campaign for Magic February 5, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I just checked in with you tube and saw a series of videos posted by the Wizards account. It is a pretty cool commercial, in a somewhat grand theft auto style, about playing Magic. Except there was no english version or at least yet. Check it out. 

So to investigate I went on over the the Magic Arcana and saw this new promotion for big box stores. 

Thats right 6 Card Booster Pack that will cost $1.99. Here is the catch. You might not get a rare. Umm ok I understand the 6 card pack thing for 2 bucks but seriously no rare. Heck I’d rather open a two card pack with at least one rare (ok maybe two cards for 1.99 isn’t realistic but you get the idea). As far as I see this is just for Conflux.

So let me ask. Since they are reducing the number of cards in a set do you think they will be reducing the size of booster packs moving forward? Honestly I think the $1.99 price for 6 cards is lame. One card is going to be a land so you are really only getting 5 new cards. That is less than half of the cards you get in a 15 card booster pack at $3.99, almost one third of a full booster pack for half the cost of a regular pack, rip off. Especially when you might not even get a rare card.



1. Ben Carlson - February 5, 2009

Pretty bad idea in my opinion too. Hope it tanks hard and they have to do something about it. I for one will be boycotting these packs, and I think everyone else should too! I understand chance is a good thing in booster packs, but there has to be _some_ guarantee.

I’m not opposed to a cheaper pack that includes a rare and/or some uncommons, when one card will be a tips or token card and another a land, you could potentially get four commons for $2. Stupid.

2. RileyScott - February 5, 2009

Definitely a bad idea. I do not see these selling to anyone except unknowing parents who don’t know what to buy there kids. They are a rip off, plain and simple.

3. Gemini6Ice - February 5, 2009

I like the box they’re in!

4. Lunashine - February 5, 2009

thats just another step forward to something called piracy. I really appreciated the reduced set size, since most cards that have been cut were most likely crappy commons/uncommons anyway. I think its likely they reduce booster size also, catching up on that stupid yu-gay-oh piracy marketing.

5. CopySix - February 5, 2009

I should think that I would have liked to be a ‘fly on the wall’ during this WoTC marketing meeting to fully understand . . . The Madness.

6. james - February 5, 2009

let’s see here. EVERYONE thinks this is the worst idea 3var so i predict that the “mass market stores” as wizards so flatteringly referred to their sales-partners that these stores will have them on sale for 1.50 within 12 months. unless the “equal chance” is really BS and they have the GOODS in those packs then they’re just going to sit around on the shelf because there won’t be enough volume.

either that or there are a LOT more “naive” magic players/collectors out there…

7. Norm - February 5, 2009

The only time I see myself buying something like this would be if I’m at a store and have an extra two bucks in my pocket. Then why not. I’d be more likely to splurge with two on the chance of getting something than four bucks. But 95% of the time I’m not spending the money on those packs because I either already have the cards or don’t want to waste those two dollars.

8. Ben Carlson - February 5, 2009

Even if I had two extra bucks in my pocket, I’d likely rather save it for the next time I’m at the card shop and at least buy two fun-to-play-with dollar rares. Now if it were an equal chance regular rare, mythic, uncommon, or common, then I might think differently as I have a 50% chance of getting a rare, and a %25 chance of getting a mythic rare. But they lump those together so it’s a %25 chance at getting a rare.

And a tips or token card? Come on.

9. Nick Davis - February 5, 2009

I think Tobacco companies can learn from this. We will soon see packs with five cigarettes. 🙂

I think it’s a funny idea. I’m sure Wizard’s have done their homework. I will also laugh to hear stories of kids finding $20 rares in these things. Oh dear.

10. rk - February 6, 2009

The Target I go to in Chicago sells MTG boosters (on blister boards), theme packs (also on blister boards) & fat packs for whatever the latest expansion set is. I can tell they don’t sell very well there. They also never go on sale.

Although, I have seen some bizarre marketing at Target. Things like, “1 10th edition booster pack & 1 ‘deck'” for $4.99. The “deck” consisting of almost entirely lands and crap commons and one crap rare from 8th edition. I’ve also seen things like 2 boosters in one blister pack for $6.99… the visible one being Shards of Alara, and the one facing the cardboard being a Kamigama booster.

This $1.99 booster is not meant for MTG gamers. It looks to be aimed at young kids who are already buying cards, and who might buy an MTG pack based on the artwork alone… assuming they had an extra 2 bucks on their gift card from grandma. Seems like a stretch, but you never know… it’s conceivable that you might gain a new MTG fanatic this way.

Personally, I think the problem with why MTG doesn’t sell at Target is where MTG cards are placed in the store: next to the football/baseball cards. If MTG was placed near the Pokemon/Yugioh cards in the toy section (as well as the trading cards), I think they’d sell a lot better at Target.

11. Calvin - February 14, 2009

At my target, all trading cards are in one little area, near the checkout line. I’m not worried about this replacing regular boosters, because of the uproar that would cause. First, you can’t draft with these. Second, they’re a rip off in comparison. If they replaced normal boosters with these, there would be a massive exodus to Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh.

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