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Affinity Say Wha? February 19, 2009

Posted by Norm in Constructed, Organized Play.
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I can has Arcbound Ravager?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not really an extended player. I enjoy the limits of standard and current meta game, which is more than enough magic for my schedule. But, I was looking over the Affinity deck list Mike Flores posted the other day and I thought to myself, I have most of those cards. When building my Megatog deck, I was looking over a bunch of commons from the Mirrodin block so I was familiar with most of the cards in that list. Sans two or three cards I came up with most of the list completely. I was impressed with my self for sure. 

So why do I start this post out with I’m not an extended player. Because all of the Grand Prix events are extended right now. I’m not planning on going to any of them because of that. I’m a little tickled I can make one of the decks and now that I realized it isn’t too difficult to come up with some of the deck lists I may consider the format more in the future. I hope to sit down with some of the guys practicing extended at my shop though. 

For everyone who is getting competitive during this extended season I’ve got a thought about what some of the review sites are doing. Now I could be wrong but keep this in mind. Sites that are sharing the virtues of X deck maybe trying to hype a specific deck type, I’m thinking this could be their way of influencing the meta game. Getting players stoked about a specific deck and then showing up with just the right amount of hate. That is just a hunch and all. I believe what effects the meta game more than anything are the top 8 deck lists. Anyway good luck to  everyone playing extended this year.



1. Ben Carlson - February 19, 2009

Hah, that’s an interesting idea. Flood media with one deck and come with the other. Yeah I agree it’s probably based largely on top 8s though.

As much as I like standard, I don’t like the fact high value cards just drop off the face of the earth when rotation comes. I’d rather have my investments last a while, and that’s why I’ve been trading for fetches and shocks (and hopefully eventually some more real duals) and other Extended/Legacy/Vintage staples.

2. James Gray - February 23, 2009

I actually have the opposite problem. I already own a lot of older cards, or older cards tend to be cheaper, so I prefer to play extended or legacy. Standard is very expensive and even numerous drafts don’t always guarantee that I have all the expensive cards. However, I often stay away from competitive constructed tournaments as much as I can. It’s just not as fun as drafting.

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