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Core Set Changes, Divine Vs Demonic, Conflux, and Battlemage February 28, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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You could say I’ve been recovering form a kick ass birthday party or you could say that I’ve been playing so much magic that I haven’t one moment to post. There has been a lot happening this week. I’ve got some cool projects happening at work that have me running around. There is one that I’m particularly excited about but I can’t talk about it for a few weeks yet. With that said it has been a pretty busy week in the world of magic.

Core Set Changes
First of we saw the announcement of core sets and “Eleventh Edition.” Now core sets will be called Magic: the Gathering 2010 core set, or Magic 2010 for short. This is perhaps the biggest bit of news this week. I was kind of surprised at first to read Aaron Forsythe’s Article about Magic 2010.  Changing the core set structure seems really bold. Core sets have been a staple of the game and these changes are pretty significant. New cards in core sets? Really they are discontinuing the core set and replacing it with the Magic 20xx structure.

The greatest surprise to me is actually the addition of new cards in these releases. To me this fact is where this shouldn’t be considered a core set anymore. I’ve seen a lot of talk about how this is just a money making scheme to release magic core sets annually and pump new exotic cards into the system. I’ve also read comments that this is a good thing because the old system is broken. If you think about it that thought makes sense. How many packs of 10th edition have you opened where you already had a copy or four of every common card. People need the interesting rares and uncommons but on the whole why spend your money on cards that you don’t really need. What has people up in arms is the frequency of the rotation. I do think that there are too many releases and too many new cards in a year. Magic is an expensive hobby and in this economic crunch all the new cards might not be what people will be able to spend. As for the professional world there might be different thinking there. It seems more rotation is a good thing, especially for people looking to break into the pro tour.

I’ll spend more time with the new cards later, but of the returning cards I’m most excited about black knight.

Overall Wizards is looking to use M10 to bring new players into the game in a way that is both exciting an low risk. I’d avise that we as seasoned players work to helping them accomplish this goal. Not only will the core base of Magic players grow stronger but you’ll get points for teaching people the game. I love sharing the game with new people and hope Wizards provides some tools for vets to use to bring in the noobs.

First conflux draft
This week I participated in my first draft with Conflux. We drafted Shards, Shards, Conflux. I had a good time drafting Bant with double Rhox War Monk. It was ok but not as competitive as I would have liked. I was having fun playing some different cards and venturing into more of a control game. A style I don’t usually play or draft. I missed FNM this week otherwise I would have more to report on my experience with conflux draft.

Divine vs. Demonic
Next up we have the Divine vs. Demonic packaging preview. I think I saw a few places that had lists of other cards in these precons, spefically Luminous Angel. MTG Realm has a pretty good review of the news so I’ll let you read about it there.

Random Pack Limited
After we opened packs for our limited, limited league night some friends wanted to recreate the experience. So we dug up some old booster packs and basically had a night of deckbuilding with the following booster list:

  • 2 x Dessention
  • 1 x Coldsnap
  • 2 x Shards of Alara
  • 1 x 9th Edition

Which made for an interesting card pool. There were three of us who ended up making roughly 50 card decks and playing a chaos match. It was a lot of fun with fairly even balance to power. This odd format has been a lot of fun for my small “kitchen table” group so I suggest it for anyone looking to spice up an evening.

Magic Battlemage
Finally, yesterday I went to our local Exchange and saw a copy of Magic: the Gathering Battlemage for PS1. I snatched it up for $8 and played it for about 15 min last night all while wondering how the heck do you play this game. It is really bizarre and not intuitive at all. I’m going to look at the instruction book and maybe poke around online for some help.



1. Fulgrim - May 4, 2009

I went and bought the divine vs. demonic and its kinda cool it has alot of the old cards I really really loved but they arent like decks id kill over…..just thought id throw that out there XD

Tom - May 7, 2009

Hey Fulgrim… is there any chance you have a list of the cards that were in the Divine vs. Demonic pack? I can’t seem to find a card listing for it online atm. It would be appreciated.


2. Tom - May 7, 2009

Nevermind, I feel stupid. I found it at

http://www.gamingetc.com/dvd.htm &

peace out

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